The 99th Divorce Chapter 232

No matter how smart or lucky Su Qianci was, it would be impossible for her to remain unharmed under these circumstances. At that time, even Li Sicheng would not be able to protect her. Tang Mengqing was curious what Su Qianci would be like after today. Sunny did not notice Tang Mengqing's look at all, talking to Su Qianci.

But Su Qianci had clearly captured the resentment deep in Tang Mengqing's eyes. Tang Mengqing's expressions clearly showed that she had done something terrible. Was the lipstick really a trap?

Su Qianci licked the lipstick a little and found it to be more fragrant than other products. However, what would the trick be? It was Li Weiya who gave it to her. Li Weiya was a good girl, and there was no way she would harm Su Qianci, right? Looking at Li Weiya, Su Qianci found she was smiling with nothing odd going on. Feeling relieved, Su Qianci let Sunny perform her magic.

Tang Mengqing pulled Li Weiya out. "Li Weiya, the lipstick that you gave Su Qianci was the one that I gave to you, right?"

"Right. Didn't you say that you are too embarrassed to give it to her yourself, and asked me to give it to her? In fact, if you simply apologize to her, maybe she will forgive you."

"I'm just worried that she might not forgive me. In that case, I would be so ashamed."

Hearing those words, Li Weiya looked at Tang Mengqing's look which was absolutely normal and felt disappointed. She had really thought of Tang Mengqing as her best friend.

Mr. Stewart was a much-respected professor when he was alive, so a lot of people came to his funeral. After the ceremony, Li Sicheng was so tired that he was about to fall apart. Checking the time, he felt quite impatient. Seeing Li Sicheng's look, his friend knew that he had some urgent matter to take care of and suggested to step in for him. However, that was not Li Sicheng's style. After taking care of the funeral, Li Sicheng had not slept in twenty-four hours.

He checked his wristwatch and found it was past 8 AM. "I have to leave now. You can take care of the rest."

"What's the hurry? Anything happened with the company?"

Li Sicheng shook her head and had a rare smile on his face. "My wife's waiting for me at home."

Shocked by Li Sicheng's expression, his friend then looked down at the documents he had prepared overnight. "F**king Superman"

Li Sicheng went to the airport hurriedly. Without proper rest, he looked tired. However, the thought of Su Qianci waiting for him made all his fatigue go away. He was about to get home. Only twelve hours away. As his phone rang, Li Sicheng received a text message from an unknown number.

The text was, "Check out your wife spending the night with another man."

Li Sicheng's eyes suddenly became cold. He clicked download and found a photo. The photo was taken dim lighting. Lu Yihan was wearing a patient gown, leaning over to kiss the girl in bed with a gentle look on his face. The girl was her. He hand-picked the dress she was wearing. She was wearing the dress he picked with another man Li Sicheng looked down and saw the time stamp: 2 AM. Before this, what had they done?

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