The 99th Divorce Chapter 234

However, even if someone wanted to harm her, why would they choose to do what they had done? Were they trying to keep her away from the press conference? Or were they trying to get her raped by the drunk man? Or, were they after more than her, but Lu Yihan as well? The fact that Lu Yihan had appeared there was extremely strange. After the event, she had to ask Lu Yihan about it.

“Qianqian, time to go.” Captain Li called.

“All right.” Su Qianci excused herself with Yu Lili and walked toward grandpa.

Yu Lili felt a bit worried, took her phone and tried to call Lu Yihan. However, someone approached her from behind. Yu Lili turned around and saw a familiar face abruptly.

Startled, Yu Lili stepped back and let out a cry. Seeing it was Ou Ming, she cursed, “Dammit! What’s wrong with you?”

Ou Ming disregarded her reaction, stepped up, and narrowed his eyes. “Who are you trying to call?”

Feeling a bit guilty, Yu Lili stood up straight and exclaimed, “What does that have to do with you? The press conference is about to start.” Then she quickly walked away. Ou Ming gazed at her back, looking displeased.

The conversations were loud. The band of Song Yifan only played the opening tune before they handed it over to another band. There were greetings and smalltalk happening all over the place.

All of a sudden, the lights dimmed, and Cheng You smiled and said, “We are honored to have you here. Now please welcome Mrs. Li – Su Qianci.” As Cheng You said that, everyone looked behind her.

The young and pretty woman came inside holding the hand of an old man. Everyone was stunned by the young girl. Su Qianci was wearing a golden maxi gown, decorated with a million rhinestones. Under the chandeliers, it looked brilliant. Her hair was fixed into an updo, with some strands falling naturally. Her light makeup made her look youthful and healthy. Stunning! Everyone knew that Li Sicheng was married, and a lot of people knew that his wife was pretty. However, they had no idea that she would look so good. Even if she was in the entertainment industry, she would be one of the prettiest.

Very satisfied to see people surprised by Su Qianci’s look, Captain Li raised his head proudly. Although he stooped from age, Captain Li still looked quite tall next to Su Qianci. Taking her hand, Captain Li went on the stage and took the microphone in Cheng You’s hand. “Thank you for coming. I am Li Sicheng’s grandpa, Li Xun.”

Applause sounded like thunder. Li Xun was a war hero who brought fear to his enemies and honor to his country. Everyone knew Li Xun. However, they had no idea that Li Xun had a side so soft.

“Unfortunately, Li Sicheng’s professor passed away in the United States. Originally, we wanted to reschedule, but considering the schedule of our honored guests” Despite his age, Li Xun still spoke loud and clear. A lot of celebrities of the old generation cast respectful looks at Li Xun. He was a hero that had defended his country. Not only did Captain Li represent the glory of the Li family, he was also a role model of his generation.

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