The 99th Divorce Chapter 235

Chapter 235: Gang Bang
Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

This war hero also had a sense of humor, making the guests laugh multiple times. Su Qianci was also laughing. With her smiley eyes, she looked even better, attracting a lot of attention. Su Qianci caught a glimpse of a woman in red. Hiding in the crowd, Tang Mengying was holding a glass of juice. Seeming to have noticed Su Qianci's gaze, Tang Mengying raised her glass to Su Qianci.

It must be nice, treated like a goddess in front of everyone. Everyone could tell that the captain thought of her as a treasure. However, so what? No matter how perfect something was, there was bound to be flaws. Tang Mengying slowly walked out of the crowd and went to a corner. That was where the control unit of the light and sound was located.

Tang Mengqing had been waiting there. Seeing Tang Mengying, she called, "Sister, are you ready?"


Hearing Tang Mengying, Tang Mengqing felt thrilled, clenching her fists. "Later, that bitch Su Qianci will say something nice and official. After she said that, we will play the video to give her a slap in the face. At that time, even Li Sicheng cannot save her."

Tang Mengying heard that and looked full of resentment. "Even if Li Sicheng were here, she would be destroyed. Not to mention he's not even here."

"Ha ha, fantastic!" Tang Mengqing was overjoyed. "That woman made me miserable, not only did father hate me, I cannot even avoid the nightmare at school. I wonder how a woman like her was able to marry into the Li family."

"Clearly, we are no match to a bitch like this." Tang Mengying gritted her teeth. "With that face of a slut, she fakes being weak and innocent, giving everyone the wrong idea. I thought she was really dumb but had no idea that she had me tricked."

"Don't be mad, sister. After today, she will never be able to cause any trouble. I saw her putting that lipstick on with my own eyes, so there will be a great show going on later."

Tang Mengying lit up at the thought of Su Qianci's fate, asking, "when did she put it on?"

"It's about time. She is still on the stage""Let's go and have a look."

The Tang sisters went out of the control room without noticing a slim figure getting inside quickly.

Yu Lili was trying to find a corner to make a phone call, but she happened to hear their conversation. Video? The video that could destroy Su Qianci? Yu Lili arched an eyebrow and quickly looked into the computer.

They had a password set up, which was why they did not worry someone might enter this room. However, unfortunately for them, Yu Lili's major was computer science. She quickly cracked the password and found the video.

Hitting play, she saw Su Qianci circled by a few men. The quality of the video was good, but the angle showed that the camera was hidden. The tall man pushed Su Qianci into a corner, and their leader threw himself at her. Then the others followed. Gang bang? Yu Lili stared at the screen.
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