The 99th Divorce Chapter 246

Chapter 246: DNA Test
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Tang Mengying immediately became a wreck, crying out loud. There was nothing in the world that cut deeper than being rejected by a loved one. And there was nothing in the world that was more horrifying than having her dignity crushed in public by him. She was carrying a baby, his baby! As Tang Mengying burst into tears, some tenderhearted women even took pity on her.


"Whoever is pitiful must be hateful," someone said in the crowd.

Tang Mengying cried even louder, "Brother Sicheng, it is okay if you don't want to admit it. But the baby I'm carrying is one of the Li family, your son! No matter how much you hate me, that is the fact. It is your firstborn son!"

Su Qianci tightened her grip on Li Sicheng's arm as she felt uneasy, looking up at him. Were her words true?

Li Sicheng noticed her glance, held her tight, and whispered, "Do you trust me?" His voice was so low that only the two of them could hear it. Seeing his calm face, Su Qianci felt dazed. In her mind, that sensual voice in the phone call was still ringing

Based on Tang Mengying's obsession for Li Sicheng, it was impossible that she would sleep with someone else. Su Qianci believed that firmly. However, Li Sicheng told her otherwise

Who was telling the truth? Did she trust him? Should she?

Li Sicheng's eyes dimmed.

After a few seconds, Su Qianci nodded. "I trust you." She had to. Su Qianci grabbed his hand tight, looked at Tang Mengying, and said loudly, "Then let's do a DNA test."

The test would reveal the truth. Nothing was more convincing than the truth.

Luo Zhan heard that and clapped his hands. "Blood test! We would know immediately after the test. If my brother had any feelings for you, why has he married Su Qianci instead?"

The truth always cuts the deepest. Tang Mengying watched Su Qianci and Li Sicheng holding hands, full of resentment and envy. It should have been hers, all of this. The person humiliated in public should have been Su Qianci.

"My dearest daughter!" Mrs. Tang exclaimed. "What did you see in such a man? He looked good but has a terrible character, abandoning you after sleeping with you. Shameless!"

"You cannot twist the truth like this," Ou Ming eventually said. Walking to the center in public, he asked, "I know better than anyone who Li Sicheng is. Do you dare to let your daughter have the DNA test?"

"She must be scared."

"Pregnant with any man's baby and trying to frame Li Sicheng. Li Sicheng must feel terribly wronged."

"I knew that Miss Tang felt that way for Mr. Li"

With her hands on her stomach, Tang Mengying cried even harder. "Li Sicheng, even if you don't want your baby, I still want it."

"What does she mean?"

"Is she scared?"

"She must worry that her lies would be exposed."

With tears in her eyes, Tang Mengying stared at Su Qianci and yelled, "How do we do the test without the baby being born?"

Tang Mengying looked at her coldly and stated, "An amniocentesis would do."
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