The 99th Divorce Chapter 247

Chapter 247: Why Dont You Dare
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Su Qianci's voice was extraordinarily calm. There was intense hatred in her black eyes. Tang Mengying looked at Su Qianci and felt she did not know this girl.

Who is this Su Qianci?

The change was simply too dramatic The old Su Qianci was headstrong and unruly, but very shy in public. In front of so many people, she would not have been able to make a speech or even stand still. However, Su Qianci was right in front of her with no stage fright. Her look and expression were completely different from whom she used to be. It was as if She was another Li Sicheng! Feeling slightly shocked, Tang Mengying looked away and blurted out, "No!"

Yu Lili sneered, "You don't dare, do you?"

Luo Zhan shook his head, saying sarcastically, "Mrs. Tang, I had no idea you were like this. You slept with a nobody and tried to frame my bro. That is wicked."

"That is libel. You can go to jail for that."

Tang Mengying gritted her teeth and looked around with her eyes bloodshot. "The baby is only three months old. Amniocentesis? You might as well be asking to have an abortion!" She was almost yelling, which then became sobbing. "Li Sicheng, I don't care if you admit it. I will have this baby. He belongs in the Li family, and you can never change that fact."

As she said that, everyone became silent. Amniocentesis was a relatively risky procedure. It was best to wait until the second trimester to do it. Unless necessary, almost no parent would choose to do it. However, was there an option under the circumstances?

"Cheng You," Li Sicheng called coldly.

Cheng You shuddered and quickly walked up. "Right here."

"Call a psychiatrist and set an appointment up for Ms. Tang."

No one made any noise after hearing that. Cheng You nodded and quickly looked through her contacts.

Someone suddenly asked in the crowd, "Are you serious?"

Li Sicheng glanced at that person and said coldly, "Li Sicheng never jokes."

"Li Sicheng, you asshole!" Mrs. Tang screamed. "You are the psycho here! You shameless playboy! Do you really think you are that important?"

The infuriated voice of Mrs. Tang was the loudest in the entire room. "You had the guts to sleep with my daughter and now you have no guts to admit it? What a coward! And Su Qianci, you are a bitch! You two deserve each other!"

"Shut up!" Li Sicheng's voice brought the temperature in the room down.

Yelled at abruptly, Mrs. Tang suddenly softened her attitude and stuttered, "Wh... What? Did I say anything wrong? You are an asshole!"

"Is she really from the Tang family? Terrible manners!"

"The fact that they did not dare to do the DNA test says a lot."

"I have been a partner of Mr. Li for many years. We know very well how he is."


Tang Mengying sneered. "I will not put my baby's life at risk for your experiment. He is Li Sicheng's child, and that is the fact."

"Maybe we can try something different," suggested Ou Ming.

"What do you have in mind?"

"Polygraph test." Ou Ming looked at Tang Mengying. "Do you dare to do that?"

Tang Mengying glanced at him and said, "Why not?"
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