The 99th Divorce Chapter 248

Chapter 248: Li Sicheng Only Has One Woman
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"Exactly, why not!" Mrs. Tang immediately seconded. "My Mengying has only had one man, unlike that bitch, having numerous affairs with different guys. She was lucky to have lost the baby. Otherwise, we would need to find out who the father is."

Su Qianci heard that and became furious. As she was about to rebut, someone exclaimed, "You should wash your mouth with soap."

Everyone turned their head and saw Song Yifan walking out. His gentle look became dark. "You are indeed rude enough to have a shameless daughter like that."

Hearing Song Yifan's words, Mrs. Tang bristled, "Who the hell are you? I have an educated daughter, while Su Qianci does not even have parents to teach her right from wrong."

Song Yifan was so pissed that he almost raised his hand. Without thinking, he blurted out, "That's not true. I am her father."

Everyone gasped. Su Qianci was also dazed, gazing at Song Yifan.

After saying that, Song Yifan felt he might have made a mistake. However, facing Su Qianci's gaze, he felt a secret bliss and said, "I, Song Yifan, am Su Qianci's father. Whether she acknowledges me or not, I'm proud to have her as my daughter."

"S**t! That's big news," Luo Zhan exclaimed first.

Even the celebrity guests that had seen a lot in their lifetime felt incredulous. With his fame and reputation, it was clearly unwise for Song Yifan to suddenly have a scandal that involved an illegitimate daughter. It could easily hurt him or destroy him. Everything he had worked for throughout the years could be ruined. That was something crazy to do. No wonder Song Yifan had come to this event with his band. This was the reason.

As if he had not noticed what kind of impact his words had, Song Yifan warned Mrs. Tang, "Whoever wants to harm my daughter must challenge me first."

Scared by the sudden threat, Mrs. Tang was speechless. The reporters around them were immediately in an uproar, broadcasting this explosive news as fast as possible. Within minutes, a new title was posted on Weibo: "breaking news: "Renowned pianist Song Yifan is Li Sicheng's father-in-law?"

"Li Sicheng, I will only ask you one thing. What is the relationship between you and Tang Mengying?" Song Yifan sounded tough. "Do you have anything to do with her baby?"

As more than a hundred people were looking at them, Li Sicheng said firmly, "Nothing."

The expected answer. Su Qianci squeezed his hand, and Li Sicheng pulled her into his arms. Leaning against his chest, Su Qianci could feel his heartbeat as he said, "I, Li Sicheng, have only had one woman."

"Bullshit!" Mrs. Tang was infuriated, trying to slap Li Sicheng.

Li Sicheng's eyes darkened as he turned sideways, protecting Su Qianci.

However, he took the slap with his back. The muffled sound made Su Qianci shudder, as if it had actually hit her.

Not getting her way, Mrs. Tang could not contain her anger and launched another strike. However, her hand was caught by Li Sicheng as he gazed at her coldly.


With a loud noise, Mrs. Tang covered her face, looking at the woman in Li Sicheng's arms incredulously
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