The 99th Divorce Chapter 254

Su Qianci realized it and immediately shut her mouth. However, the sweet sensation between her legs almost smashed her self-control.

Lu Yihan heard it and felt something was wrong, asking, “What’s wrong, Qianqian? Did something else happen?”

Su Qianci wanted to respond, but Li Sicheng’s moves became more and more intense. Biting her lip, Su Qianci arched her back and held Li Sicheng tight, her nails digging into his flesh.

“Qianqian?” Lu Yihan panicked and sat up on the sickbed. “Don’t scare me, all right? Hello?”

Li Sicheng continued hammering her and whispered into Su Qianci’s ear, “Tell him what you’re doing.”

Su Qianci gritted her teeth, her body jerking. The king bed swayed slightly with their moves.

Clearly hearing the man’s panting which he did not try to hold back at all, Lu Yihan felt he was about to be driven crazy. Feeling ominous, he exclaimed, “Qianqian, where are you? I’ll go look for you. Talk to me!”

Hearing his voice, Su Qianci knew that Lu Yihan had got the wrong idea. Biting her bottom lip, Su Qianci wanted to speak. However, the man on top of her was accelerating, moving so fast that she could not make a sound.

“Qianqian?” Lu Yihan had pulled out the needle of the IV drip on his hand. Without even putting his shoes on, he got out of the bed and quickly ran toward the door.

A young nurse saw him and quickly stopped him. “Sir, you cannot go anywhere. You have not recovered.”

Su Qianci heard that and knew what was going on. She wanted to speak, but the moment she opened her mouth, she couldn’t help moaning into the speaker.

Lu Yihan became silent. Su Qianci said while panting, “I’m all right”

Lu Yihan did not say anything. Li Sicheng smiled contentedly, hung up, turned the phone off, and tossed it onto the nightstand, moving his hips faster and faster. Without the disturbance, Li Sicheng put her on top of him. Planting wet kisses on her neck, he said huskily, “Don’t hold back. I want to hear you.”

This position gave him deep access, and Su Qianci was about to tear up. She quickly explained, “It hurts! Pull it out.”

Li Sicheng lifted Su Qianci up a bit and warned, “If it hurts, let me hear you.”

Su Qianci couldn’t help letting out the moaning which made herself blush. Encouraged, Li Sicheng got on top of her, putting her legs on his shoulders, and f**ked her senseless . Seeing how helpless Su Qianci had become, Li Sicheng could not help thinking of Lu Yihan. The caring phone call she had just received, and that photo someone had sent to him in New York.

Although Tang Mengying was trying to set Su Qianci up with that video, it would be impossible for her to get so much “evidence,” if Su Qianci had not been close to Lu Yihan. The facts cut deep, but they also drove him to plow harder.

Su Qianci screamed and tightened her grip on the man’s back, her mind completely blank. Then he purred into her ear, “If Lu Yihan were doing this to you, would you react the same way?” His voice was deep and dark, with undeniable jealousy.

Su Qianci opened her eyes wide. However, before she caught a glimpse of his expression, he seized her lips with his and the flames continued to burn

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