The 99th Divorce Chapter 256

Chapter 256: Clever Nanny Rong Had Seen Through It All
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The cooling effect of the ointment eased her pain. Su Qianci put a pillow on top of her face and did not mean to remove it. Holding back his lust, Li Sicheng finished applying the ointment, took the pillow off her face, and said, "Done. Get dressed and let's go eat." Standing up and opening the closet, Li Sicheng picked out a white sleeveless maxi dress for her. Since the summer was almost gone, Li Sicheng thought about it and changed the dress for a yellow dress with sleeves. Then he found her some lingerie as well.

Su Qianci was mortified seeing him holding her clothing. "I can put it on."

"I'll help you."

"No, you go out. I can do it myself." Su Qianci covered her body with the comforter and blushed, seizing the bra in his hand.

Disregarding her protest, Li Sicheng lifted the comforter and made her nude body sit on his knees. Su Qianci froze. Clearly feeling the hot bulge, she did not even dare to move.

Li Sicheng approached her and purred into her ears, "Let me dress you." With his hot breath on her face, Su Qianci blushed even more. Even the tip of her ears became flaming. This man was evil! Su Qianci found that she had no way to resist him. Because She was utterly enjoying it

Li Sicheng helped her get dressed with his clumsy hands. Su Qianci did not even dare to have any eye contact with him. When he eventually managed to zip her in, she jumped away barefooted.

Li Sicheng was amused and reminded her, "Shoes."


Putting on her shoes, Su Qianci went to bathroom and found her outfit very conservative. With a high collar, the dress hid all the crazy marks underneath, not revealing anything. The length of the sleeves was also perfect for the current weather. Su Qianci dried her hands and felt sweet. Li Sicheng was her man! She opened the door and walked out with a grin.

Affected by her joy, Li Sicheng also looked a lot softer than he used to be. When he took her hand and walked down the stairs with her, Nanny Rong looked knowingly at them. Checking the time, she gasped, "Oh my, it's past 1 PM. Come have lunch. It's still warm."

Su Qianci's face burned. For some reason, she felt that clever Nanny Rong had seen through it all. Under Nanny Rong's investigative gaze, Su Qianci ate her lunch silently. The landline suddenly rang. Nanny Rong answered the call and her expression changed. Turning her head, she called, "Mr. Li, your father."

Li Sicheng put down his bowl and chopsticks, took the phone and called, "Dad."

"You brat, come home right away." His dad sounded furious. After a pause, he added, "Come back alone. Don't take your wife with you."
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