The 99th Divorce Chapter 257

Chapter 257: How Shameless!
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After the short phone call, Li Sicheng hung up and looked at Su Qianci.

"What is it?" Su Qianci saw his grave expression and felt uneasy. At this moment, Li Sicheng's father suddenly called Was it Tang Mengying?

"Nothing. You eat first. I will drive you to school."

Su Qianci looked down and felt an immeasurable weight on her heart. With delicious food in front of her, she lost her appetite. Looking up at him, she asked, "What has happened?"

Li Sicheng shook his head, for he did not know either. However, his father rarely lost his temper. From what he could remember, it had been less than three times for his father to be as angry as this. It was not anything trivial. Not wanting Su Qianci to worry, Li Sicheng simply shook his head.

After lunch, Li Sicheng dropped Su Qianci in front of her campus and planted a kiss on her forehead. Su Qianci got out of the car. Seeing him driving away, anxiety grew wildly in her heart. In the crowded campus, many of her classmates saw her and approached her.

"Su Qianci, are you okay after last night?

"Those people were over the line, especially the mother of Tang Mengying. She does not deserve to be called a lady."

"We all believe that Mr. Li is not that kind of person"

With a heavy heart, Su Qianci could only smile reluctantly to those comments and enter the classroom.

Before he even walked into the old house, Li Sicheng could feel the tension in the air. The maid, Liu Sao, was walking back and forth in the living room. Seeing him walking in, she called immediately, "Your father's waiting for you in the study."

"What happened?" Li Sicheng asked.

"You should go there first Mrs. Tang" Liu Sao paused, which made Li Sicheng's heart sInk.

Her, again!

Li Sicheng could guess what it was about. Seeing the reluctance on Liu Sao's face, he nodded. "I know. Don't worry. It's going to be okay."

Liu Sao looked more relaxed. "As long as you know what's going on You should talk to Qianci as well. I used to think Mrs. Tang was kind, but now" How shameless! She thought she could marry into the Li family because she was pregnant? There was no way Li Sicheng would do something like that.

Before Liu Sao finished, Li Sicheng's phone rang. It was from Cheng You.

"Mr. Li, I got it."

"Bring it to the old house."

"Will do!"

Li Sicheng hung up and nodded to Liu Sao before he walked directly into the study. Before he even entered the study, he heard the sobbing. With her puffy eyes, Tang Mengying flung herself into Mrs. Tang's arms. Seeing him, she suddenly cringed and called weakly, "Brother Sicheng"

Subconsciously, Li Sicheng looked at Tang Mengying's belly. She was wearing a tight black dress today. With three-month pregnancy, her delicate face looked rounder and her figure was also slightly plump.

Noticing Li Sicheng's glance, Tang Mengying touched her belly and hid herself behind Mrs. Tang. Mrs. Tang sneered and said sourly, "The heartless man is eventually here."

Seeing Li Sicheng, his father, Li Xiao's face darkened as he snapped, "Get on your knees."
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