The 99th Divorce Chapter 258

Chapter 258: A Common Mistake Among Men
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Li Xiao was furious, which was easy to tell by his voice. In the study, Qin Shuhua was standing close to Mrs. Tang, and Tang Mengying was behind Mrs. Tang. Next to them, there was Tang Zhenghao. Apart from Tang Mengqing, the entire Tang family were here.

Knowing what was going on, Li Sicheng looked at his father with no fear in his cold eyes and asked slowly, "And why should I do that?"

Li Xiao was so mad that he sneered, "Why? You have the nerve to ask me why?" Then he grabbed two pieces of paper and threw them at Li Sicheng's face.

The paper had no weight and was caught by Li Sicheng. He immediately saw the title of the document: Polygraph Test Report. Li Sicheng scanned the file and narrowed his eyes.

With his hands shaking, Li Xiao pointed his finger at Li Sicheng and growled, "I should have made you join the Army. Look at your older and younger brother. They had never done anything like this."

The study of Li Xiao was decorated with all kinds of medals of honor. The fine uniform also showed Li Xiao's outstanding rank. Not only his rank as Major General, but also his two sons were his pride. Li Beixing had been a major despite his young age, and Li Xiao's youngest son Li Jinnan was also a captain.

Li Sicheng was the exception. When other kids were still playing with mud and wetting their beds, he was the one fascinated by the world map, wanting to be the second Columbus. When other kids were learning to sing and dance, he raised a bamboo stick, wanting to take down the dictators. When other kids were pursuing their young love, he was learning everything he could. Many tutors were hired, but all of them were scared away by his incredible intelligence and curiosity.

When Li Sicheng graduated from college, Li Xiao wanted for him to be a soldier like his family, protecting the country. However, Li Sicheng registered his own business without telling his family first, which then turned out to be quite lucrative. Li Xiao had once thought that Li Sicheng would no longer be his concern, but today, the fact told him that a man would always make the "common mistake among men." Li Xiao was so upset that he had completely lost his appetite.

After reading the two pages, Li Sicheng looked away and said, "Did you witness the polygraph test?"

Li Xiao trembled with fury and roared, "Do I need to witness it? This report tells it all."

"So, you didn't see it done." Li Sicheng said in a cold tone slowly. "So how can you be sure that she is telling the truth?"

"You asshole!" Mrs. Tang felt humiliated and wanted to hit Li Sicheng. However, Tang Mengying caught her hand and sobbed, "Mom, don't"

"Li Sicheng!" Qin Shuhua went up to protect his son. "Don't you know whether you have done it? I heard Ou Ming's suggestion and asked your dad to apply for a polygraph test. It turns out that Mengying did not lie."

"So, you choose to believe a stranger, rather than your son?"
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