The 99th Divorce Chapter 261

Chapter 261: Yes, Ive Missed You
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This sudden change left Li Sicheng and Cheng You dumbstruck.

"What happened?"

Cheng You was a bit dazed, checking the tablet. It was fully charged.

However, after looking through all the files, she failed to find the footage from Australia that had cost her a lot of effort.

"What's wrong?" Cheng You looked puzzled. "It was just playing, and now it's gone."

The video would very soon come to a crucial point when Li Sicheng pushed Tang Mengying away and went out of the room. However, it blacked out before that. In the eyes of those who did not know the truth, everything was left to the imagination.

Li Sicheng's face immediately dimmed as he commanded, "Solve it."

Cheng You cringed and said, "I'll call Luo Zhan and ask him."

"You do that." Li Sicheng thought about it and said, "I'll talk to him."

When Luo Zhan received the phone call, he was sleeping. Seeing it was from Cheng You, he immediately answered, "Hello, Cheng You my dear. Have you missed me?"

Li Sicheng suddenly felt disgusted and said coldly, "Yes, I have missed you."

Luo Zhan shuddered and immediately sat up, saying, "It's you. I thought it was Cheng You." Checking his phone, Luo Zhan made sure it was Cheng You's number and was then confused why Li Sicheng would call him using Cheng You's phone.

"What about that thing I asked you to do?"

"All done. Didn't Cheng You bring it to you?"


"Then" Then why are you calling me?

"It's gone."

Luo Zhan was speechless and suddenly had a terrible presentiment. "What do you mean?"

Li Sicheng told him what had happened in one sentence. Luo Zhan quickly got up, turned on his computer, and immediately saw a provoking message, which rendered him in fury. It said: "Best hacker Z? You're welcome to fight back." Followed by a huge smiley face.

"Dammit!" Luo Zhan bristled. "I was hacked!"

Not paying any attention to Li Sicheng, he quickly hit the keyboard. The person who had hacked into his computer was not that skillful. Luo Zhan could tell that he had tried to conceal his whereabouts. However, under Luo's watch, he had nowhere to hide. Easily finding the IP address of that person, Luo Zhan looked through the details and found this person to be one of those hired by Tang Mengying.

"F**k!" Luo Zhan growled, "This guy again!"

Li Sicheng's face became even darker as he asked, "How about the footage?"

"Footage?" Luo Zhan stared his eyes wide and immediately clicked into his encrypted folder.

It was hacked as well. Full of pride, Luo Zhan did not set his own security bar too high, only leaving a few traps to hack the possible hacker's back. However, this person risked being hacked back and deleted the footage from his computer.

Luo Zhan was about to go mad. "What do we do now The video is gone."

Li Sicheng chuckled, which sounded dark and dangerous. Luo Zhan shuddered. He knew very well that his friend was really mad this time.

Being smart, Luo Zhan quickly said, "I'll go steal another! Give me ten minutes, no, eight, seven minutes!"

Then he simply hung up and found the server of the hotel. However, the folder that contained the footage on that day was empty

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