The 99th Divorce Chapter 266

Chapter 266: He Doesnt Want It, But I Do
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Tang Mengying stayed at home, writing her pregnancy diary carefully. Seeing the black ink turning into characters, Tang Mengying had a sweet smile on her face.

"Baby, this is the fourteenth week since God sent you to mom. Although your dad does not want to admit your existence, mom loves you and wishes for you to come to mom."

"Baby, today, mom was doubted by everyone again. No one believed that you are your father's child, but mom knows that you are a member of the Li family. Sooner or later, mom will take you back to where you belong."

"Baby, today mom took a polygraph test. Sorry. The expert said that the radiation might have some negative effect on you, but mom still did it. Mom wants your father to recognize you and get rid of the evil woman."

"Baby, your grandmother finally agreed to help me. I'm so happy. With the help of your grandparents, I will definitely be able to take you back to the Li family. Are you happy? I am so thrilled."

"Baby, today, your father was almost beaten by your grandpa. I was terrified. If your dad is beaten, then I might never be able to bring you to the Li family. However, your grandpa did not do it and chose to believe your dad instead of your mom. You keep in mind that your grandpa is a bad man and you must avenge your mother when you grow up. There is some good news as well. Although your grandma seemed to be helping your father, she actually believed that you are one of the Li family. Your grandma loves you and your mother. So you will treat her nicely when you become a big boy."

"Love you, mom."

Tang Mengying put the cap back on the pen, stretched her arms, and felt sleepy. Ever since she got pregnant, she could not get enough sleep. However, when she just got into bed, her phone rang. It was her personal number. Tang Mengying took the call and heard a familiar voice saying while panting, "Mengying, help me. All my accounts are hacked, and I don't even have a cent now. Give me some cash, will you?"

Tang Mengying heard the voice and looked disgusted, bristling, "How dare you ask me for money? If it were not for your mistake at that crucial moment, I wouldn't end up like this."

"Hey hey hey, I made it up to you, didn't I? Yesterday, if I did not help you, do you think you can still be so relaxed? Li Sicheng that asshole searched everywhere and hacked all my accounts. He even offered a reward to find me. Now I cannot even go back home. If I did not help you, I wouldn't be so miserable."

Tang Mengying frowned and sneered, "Help me? How did you help me?"

"Yesterday, if I did not hack that video file, you would have been beaten to death by your conservative father, right? If your father knew that you slept with a random man and is carrying a bastard"

"What do you mean?" Tang Mengying was furious. "You are a bastard! I'm carrying Brother Sicheng's child"

After a few seconds of silence, the man said, "You really think that the man you slept with was Li Sicheng?"

"What are you talking about? It was definitely him!" Tang Mengying said emotionally. "He is heartless. He does not want his baby, but I do!"
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