The 99th Divorce Chapter 27


As the deep voice sounded next to her ear, Su Qianci felt her ears were pregnant and they needed an abortion. What was he asking?

Su Qianci looked up and saw Li Sicheng's flawless face.

"You did not smile."

Oh, so she should have smiled? Su Qianci did not understand that. Before she figured it out, Li Sicheng had sat up, eyes on his cigarette. Flicking the cigarette, Li Sicheng had another puff, looking mysterious.

Su Qianci felt even more confused.

This man Why is he always so hard to understand?

Suddenly, Su Qianci thought of her previous lifetime. When she had just married him, she had felt like the luckiest woman on the planet. All the women in Kingstown were obsessed with this man, while she was the one who could approach him and become his wife.

Because of that mindset, whenever she had approached him, she could not stop herself from smiling. The happy smile and the amorous smile. However, she was no longer in love with him in this lifetime, so naturally, she had stopped smiling.

Su Qianci suddenly realized that she had not tried to mask herself in this lifetime. In her previous lifetime, it had taken her five years to turn herself from a wanton and ignorant girl into a mature lady, which was a painful process.

However, this change had happened overnight in this lifetime, which was suspicious. When Su Qianci was thinking about what she should say to explain it, Li Sicheng had already driven toward the Su family.

It had been a long wait for the Su family. Su Shanna sat on the couch, hungry and impatient. She pouted at a middle-aged man, "Dad, the stupid Su Qianci will not come. With her character, she would have come already if she wanted to. I bet she could not wait to brag that she is the wife of Li Sicheng. It would not take her so long. Let's eat first?"

Su Zhengguo checked the time and it was one thirty, way past lunchtime. Looking gloomy, Su Zhengguo said to his wife, "Call them to ask."

Mrs. Su nodded, and when she was about to dial, the doorbell rang. Su Shanna went to open the door and saw the tall man immediately. Her eyes lit up and she smiled sweetly. "Mr. Li, you're finally here."

It was not the first time she had seen this man. However, every time she saw him, she felt stunned. The man was like the moon in the sky, cold and elegant. All the women in the city were obsessed about him.


"Cousin." As Su Qianci's figure appeared next to Li Sicheng, Su Shanna's smile froze as she felt incredibly jealous. However, as much as she disliked Su Qianci, Su Shanna knew what to do, and let her in.

"Uncle, aunt," Su Qianci called, walking gracefully and smiling sweetly.

Her demeanor was so perfect that she looked great next to Li Sicheng. As if her heart was clawed by a cat, Su Shanna felt so jealous that she was about to go mad.

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