The 99th Divorce Chapter 271

Chapter 271: He Left The Hospital
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Rong Rui soon stopped walking. He turned around and said to Rong Anna, "Can I use your phone?"

"You want to smash mine as well?"

"Just to send a text message."

Rong Anna reluctantly handed him her phone. Rong Rui quickly put in a phone number and then wrote: "Mengying, I need to go back home for a while. Will come back soon. Rong Rui" After the text message was sent, Rong Rui deleted it, gave the phone back to Rong Anna, and then got into the car that was going to the Rong family.

Without even looking, Rong Anna knew whom his message was sent to. She sneered and said contemptuously, "You should have your brain checked."

When Su Qianci got home, Nanny Rong had already left. Su Qianci entered the password and went inside. Li Sicheng parked the car and followed her. At the door, he took her into his arms. Feeling his body against hers, Su Qianci blushed and said in a sweet girlish voice, "We are not in the house yet."

Li Sicheng forced her closer to himself and pushed her into the room. Shutting the door behind him, he purred into her ear, "No one can see us."

Su Qianci blushed even more and wanted to run away. But she suddenly let out a scream as she was lifted in the air. Picked up by him, Su Qianci was a bit dizzy. Suddenly, she was put on the soft leather sofa. Thinking of the intense session the previous morning, Su Qianci felt terrified.

Rejecting him, she turned her head aside and panted. "Shower first."

Li Sicheng could hardly allow himself to let her go. However, he guessed she was being so terrified because of his recklessness the previous day.

Pulling her up, Li Sicheng zipped up her dress and stood up, sounding like he was restraining himself. "Go have a shower then."

Her cheeks flaming, Su Qianci nodded and whispered, "Use warm water"

The summer had ended, so if he were to have a cold shower, he might catch a cold. Seeing her bashful look, Li Sicheng wished he could ravish her right away. However, he must think about the future. It would be terrible if he scared her.

After Li Sicheng went upstairs, Su Qianci's phone rang, and it was from Kingstown First Hospital.

"Ms. Su?"


"A few days ago, your friend Mr. Lu Yihan asked to be discharged and left despite what the doctor told him. His wound has not recovered, and he needs several more shots. I hope you could persuade him to come back to the hospital before he had any inflammation."

"He left on his own? Why?"

"We have no idea. However, I don't think he is in a good condition. He had a fever when he left. I hope you could bring him back, otherwise the consequences would be severe."

"Okay, I'll do that."

"Thank you so much."

"Thank you."

Su Qianci hung up and called Lu Yihan. However, his phone was powered off. He had a fever when he left Was Lu Yihan an idiot? Su Qianci felt a bit pissed off. What was he thinking? His phone was powered off and he left the hospital Su Qianci immediately felt nervous. Her first reaction was to look for him.

However, Li Sicheng had always held a certain level of hostility against Lu Yihan. If he knew that she was going to find Lu Yihan, would Li Sicheng be mad? Thinking of that, Su Qianci fretted. After a while, she still went upstairs and wrote a note, placing it somewhere Li Sicheng could see immediately: "I need to run some errands. Will come back soon."
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