The 99th Divorce Chapter 273

Chapter 273: Very Drunk
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Her panting and yelp he just heard through the call sounded the same as her reaction when he filled her with his member. Infuriated, Li Sicheng pushed the screen down the desk, making a huge noise.

"Su Qianci!"

Su Qianci went to Lu Yihan's home and pushed the doorbell so hard that she almost broke it. However, no one came to answer the door. Later, she searched everywhere he could possibly be without any luck. Eventually, she returned to his home, and this time, the door was opened after she tried the doorbell two more times. As soon as the door was open, Su Qianci smelled intense alcohol.

She had no idea that Lu Yihan would drink like this with that terrible wound. Seeing her, Lu Yihan chuckled. "Qianqian, it's you! How come you're here" Lu Yihan burped. Su Qianci turned her body sideways, but the next second, Lu Yihan collapsed on her.

Su Qianci quickly stopped him from falling and found his body was burning up. Shocked, Su Qianci gasped, "Are you trying to kill yourself? Come on, I'll get you to the hospital."

Lu Yihan did not want to do that. Leaning against her shoulder, he greedily took in a deep breath and said, "No, not the hospital. It's too depressing over there. I feel I would die there."

Su Qianci heard him and bristled, "Do you really want to kill yourself? You are badly injured and have a fever. You should rest instead of drink." Su Qianci wished she could slap the alcohol out of him. However, she was not strong enough to take him to the hospital, since Lu Yihan insisted on holding onto the doorknob. Su Qianci had to help him inside. Closing the door, Su Qianci searched the place all over but found no medicine. There was, however, a bottle of rubbing alcohol. Dipping a towel into the alcohol, Su Qianci cleaned Lu Yihan's face. His face was burning! Su Qianci felt very worried and wanted to call an ambulance. However, the moment she took the phone, Lu Yihan caught her hand. Su Qianci was startled, and the phone fell on the floor.

"Qianqian, why didn't you wait for me" Lu Yihan was very drunk. Gazing at Su Qianci in front of him, he blinked his groggy eyes as the wound hurt badly. However, that was no comparison to his heart ache. With a smile, Lu Yihan said, "Why didn't you wait for me? Is that man so wonderful? Is Li Sicheng is so great?"

Su Qianci took his hand away, but he easily overpowered her despite his intoxicated state. Su Qianci's phone rang next to her feet. Looking down, she saw "Darling" blinking on the screen. She wanted to bend over and pick up her phone, but Lu Yihan would not let her. She had to use her foot to get the phone. When she was about to succeed, it had stopped ringing.

Lu Yihan caught Su Qianci's hands, not letting them go and raving in his delirium. His eyes were closed and his whole body was flushed.

The phone rang again, and Su Qianci quickly picked up. After talking to Li Sicheng, she immediately called an ambulance and told them the address. Her hands caught, Su Qianci sat on the floor, waiting for the ambulance to come. However, before the ambulance, an unexpected visitor arrived.

With his face stern, Li Sicheng looked very gloomy like a Shura from hell, making her shudder.
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