The 99th Divorce Chapter 288

Chapter 288: Heart-Wrenching
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As he spoke, Captain Li glanced at Su Qianci. Seeing her surprised look, he immediately added, "I wonder what is wrong with him. I thought it was your idea, but it looks like it isn't?"

Su Qianci shook her head, unable to pull back her smile. He still remembered… She thought that he was not that serious about it. Unexpectedly, it seemed like he'd had it in mind for a long time. As her smile grew bigger, Su Qianci accidentally caught a glimpse of grandpa's teasing look and blushed. Keeping her head down, she quickly finished her breakfast and went to school. After a day of classes, Su Qianci then checked her cell phone and found two missed calls. It was from "Daddy Song."

Su Qianci dialed back and Song Yifan quickly picked up. "Su Qianci, are you free tonight?"

"Yes, dad. Are you back in the country?" It was not the first time Song Yifan had called her. And it was not the first time she had called him dad, either. However, every time he heard that, he couldn't help lighting up.

With a smile, Song Yifan said, "Yes, I'm back today. Your uncle Sheng is hosting a hotpot dinner at home and wanted you to bring your husband. If you are free, come together with him."

Su Qianci said, "I'm afraid we couldn't. Grandpa is staying with us recently. We have to have dinner with grandpa."

"Well, that's a shame." Song Yifan lamented. "Ximing bought a lot of food. It seems it's going to be wasted."

"How about you to come to our house? It is getting colder and a hot pot would be perfect. I'll talk to Nanny Rong and ask her not to prepare dinner."

"Great, I'll call Ximing then."

With this agreement, it was set.

Captain Li had a good impression of Song Yifan and Sheng Ximing. Sitting in the living room, there were having a good time chatting. Quiet as always, Li Sicheng only commented a thing or two when necessary, and was listening the rest of the time. Su Qianci and Nanny Rong had been busy in the kitchen for more than half an hour before all the food was ready and the soup started to smell good.

"It's ready!" Su Qianci exclaimed. The fragrance was very enticing.

Nanny Rong had laid out all the utensils and asked everyone to sit. Because grandpa insisted, Nanny Rong also sat at the table. Putting the food into the hot pot, Su Qianci then got herself something to eat. When she was about to finish, someone dipped a piece of meat into her sauce and then put it into her bowl. She felt flattered, looked up, and saw Li Sicheng's calm face. As if he did not just get her food. She put the meat in her mouth unapologetically.

Seeing that she had finished, he quickly got her a little bit of everything. Su Qianci had been eating fast, but she still could not catch up with his speed. Seeing food piling up in her bowl, she whined, "That's enough. I can't even finish."

"It's all right." Li Sicheng put another piece of meat into her bowl. "I'll finish yours."

Seeing that, Captain Li that out a sigh of relief and complained, "No one favors the elderly. No one serves me any food."
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