The 99th Divorce Chapter 291

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Li Sicheng checked his watch and said, “It’s 9 PM. Let’s go back.”

“All right. I am indeed an old man, getting tired after walking such a short distance.” On their way back, grandpa talked about the wedding with Li Sicheng, from the menu design to the desert chef.

Hearing them talking, Su Qianci felt like an outsider, completely dumbfounded. There were so many details involved in a wedding. And the star of the wedding was her…

When she came back home, Su Qianci found that she was less against the idea of being close to Li Sicheng. Noticing her change, she almost felt helpless. Women were such fickle creatures. After showering, she found Li Sicheng still working in the study and let out a sigh, feeling sorry for him. The difficulty of running his own business was beyond her imagination. Although Li Sicheng had benefited from the fame of Captain Li, it was rare in Kingstown or the entire nation for someone o build up such an empire in just a couple years.

Su Qianci remembered that in her previous lifetime, a magazine had come up with a list of the fastest-growing startups in the country, and Li Sicheng’s firm was number one. Later, there had been a list of the richest men below thirty years old in the country, and Li Sicheng was number one. Also, in a list of the most eligible bachelors, Li Sicheng was once again the champion. Su Qianci smiled, feeling a bit triumphant. / update by box novel.com

Sitting on the bed and holding her pillow, Su Qianci thought of what he said about the wedding and honeymoon…”Oh, what should I do…” She felt like she was on top of the world, so happy that it was unreal… Lying on the bed with the pillow, she rolled over and couldn’t help thinking of Li Sicheng eating her food and fruit. “Stop it, stop it!” Shoving her face in the pillow, Su Qianci kicked her legs. “If you’re so easy to satisfy, happiness will go away.”

Seeing her talking to herself, Li Sicheng couldn’t help smiling. He walked over and put an arm around her waist, whispering into her ear, “It won’t.”

Su Qianci froze and felt mortified. Did he… hear her? So awkward… Pushing the pillow against her face, Su Qianci’s cheeks burned up.

Li Sicheng took her pillow away and said amused, “Do you want to suffocate yourself?”

Feeling so ashamed, Su Qianci turned her back toward him.

Li Sicheng chuckled and said, “I’ll go shower.”


Su Qianci’s heart thumped and she immediately hit herself under the comforter. Why did he tell her that? Now her mind was running wild. She squirmed in the bed, forcing herself to go to sleep. However, why was she so excited? And thirsty. So thirsty that she could not fall asleep at all. She lifted the comforter, put on her shoes, and went downstairs to the kitchen. Water, lots of water.

After chugging two cups of water, Su Qianci still felt like her mouth was dry. When she took the third glass, the phone in the living room rang. She walked over and saw that it was from the old house. It was so late. So why did the old house call them?

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