The 99th Divorce Chapter 294

Chapter 294: Ill taught by him
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Su Qianci's heart thumped. She looked into his eyes as deep as two wells, and felt like she was going to be sucked in. Gazing at her, Li Sicheng lowered his body. Their hot breath was inseparable. He said, "So, trust me."

"I trust you." Su Qianci looked at him, her dark eyes glistening, showing her joy.

With a smile, Li Sicheng whispered, "I want a reward."

"What reward?"

"A kiss."

Su Qianci blinked, jerked her head up, and pecked on his lips.

Unsatisfied, Li Sicheng arched an eyebrow. "Just like that."

Her heart thumping, Su Qianci put her arms around his neck and offered her lips. Her lips touched his, but she did not move. After a while, Su Qianci let him go, her cheeks flaming and her breath quickening.

Li Sicheng was still unsatisfied. He let out a sigh. "The first time, it was not a real kiss. The second time, it was just a longer fake kiss. You think you could fool me like that?"

Feeling wrong, Su Qianci pouted and said, "So what do you want? Nothing works for you… It's all the same to me."

"Of course it's not the same." Li Sicheng took her hands down and pinned them above her head, whispering, "I'll teach you what the difference is."

Noticing his blazing gaze, Su Qianci felt her heart had skipped a beat. Deliberately looking elsewhere, she suddenly noticed her lips were seized.

Kissing her lips, Li Sicheng mumbled, "now this is a kiss…" Su Qianci blushed and nodded. Li Sicheng smiled and sucked on her lips, tasting them, his eyes dreamy. Plunging his tongue past her delicate lips, Li Sicheng deepened his kiss. Feeling a chill, Su Qianci could not resist his offense. He moved wildly. Their lips touching, he released her hands and wrapped his arms on her waist.

Su Qianci panted, ashamed about her arousal. She blushed and surrendered under his skillful and hot kiss. His hands gradually moved down into her skirt. She couldn't help reacting, wrapping her legs around him tightly. Very soon, she stopped herself. Arghhh…. What was she doing? It was so embarrassing. She was trying to…

Li Sicheng chuckled and yanked her up roughly. His voice deep and provocative, he teased, "Don't be shy. You'll do that plenty of times later."


Su Qianci was even more bashful. Why did you have to say that out loud? Covering her face and turning her head to the side, Su Qianci noticed that he had pulled her panties down. Squirming, she cried, "Turn off the light."

"No. I want to look at you."

"Hmmm… I don't want you to look at me. Turn off the light!"

Li Sicheng eventually got up and turned the light off. As soon he did, he immediately threw himself at her. Pulling off the towel around his waist, he slammed his thick hard length inside her with one thrust…

"Mmmm…" Su Qianci grasped the sheet underneath her body. The sense of being filled up made her feel ashamed and satisfied at the same time. Geez, she was ill-taught by him…
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