The 99th Divorce Chapter 296

Chapter 296: DNA Test
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Qin Shuhua felt awkward and immediately explained, "Father, I did not…"

Not paying any attention to her, Captain Li looked at Su Qianci and his eyes became soft. "You should leave already. You must be late."

Su Qianci checked her phone and found it was 9 AM already. Spitting out her tongue, she said, "Grandpa, I'll leave now. Goodbye, mother, grandpa, Nanny Rong."

Nanny Rong was standing on the side. Hearing Su Qianci, she said, "Come home early."

"Got it!" Su Qianci quickly left.

Holding his cane, Captain Li sat down on the sofa and started to watch TV.

Qin Shuhua felt even more awkward, walking to the sofa and sitting down. "Father, Li Xiao said that he would blame himself if you would not come back with me today."

"What does that have to do with him? He did not do anything," Captain Li said without turning his head.

Hearing that, Nanny Rong felt a bit puzzled. Didn't Li Sicheng say his dad pissed Captain Li off, which was why grandpa ran away? Judging from Qin Shuhua's look, it was very likely that grandpa actually ran away because of her. However, how could Qin Shuhua get on the wrong side of Captain Li? Unbelievable! Nanny Rong moved closer and eavesdropped on their conversation.

Qin Shuhua looked guilty as she apologized, "Father, I'm sorry. It's all my fault…"

That was not sincere at all!

Captain Li did not even look at her while laughing at the TV show.

Feeling anxious, Qin Shuhua cursed the old man inwardly. It was because of him that she was blamed by Li Xiao for two days. Now she was forced to ask him to go back, but the old man just enjoyed torturing her. However, she did not dare to show any of that and said, "Father, I came here to discuss with you…"

"You just won't give up!" Captain Li threw the remote control on the coffee table and growled. "I said it would never happen. Qianqian is my grandson's wife. That Tang girl thought she could marry into my family because she is pregnant? Maybe in her dreams!"

Hearing that, Nanny Rong immediately understood the purpose of Qin Shuhua's visit. She was not inviting grandpa to go back, but trying to make Tang Mengying Li Sicheng's wife! Frowning, Nanny Rong felt impatient about Qin Shuhua, the brainless lady.

Yelled at by Captain Li, Qin Shuhua panicked, "But she is carrying Li Sicheng's child… If others know about it…"

"I know the boy that I brought up better than you do!"

"I knew that you did not want to believe this. Yesterday afternoon, I took Li Xiao's hair and did a DNA test with Tang Mengying's baby and got the result today." Qin Shuhua took out a yellow envelope from her handbag, looking wronged.

A bit skeptical, Captain Li took the test result out. The result was 72.31%! Captain Li stared, his eyes wide, thinking that he might see it wrong with his groggy old eyes. However, he looked at it again after blinking, and the number was the same. The name of the client was Li Xiao, and the report came from Kingstown First Military Hospital.

"I know what my son is like. He likes Su Qianci, so he wants to make her stay. But Tang Mengying is wronged…"

Suffocated, Captain Li felt in aching in his chest. Pressing his chest with one hand, he looked like he was in great pain…
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