The 99th Divorce Chapter 297

Chapter 297: Heart Attack
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Startled, Nanny Rong quickly went up and exclaimed, "Captain Li!"

Qin Shuhua was terrified. As Nanny Rong waved her hands, Qin Shuhua shrank back. Although Nanny Rong looked very worried, her moves were smooth and steady. Laying Captain Li on his back, Nanny Rong saw Qin Shuhua still dumbfounded and growled, "Don't just stand there. Call an ambulance!"

"Right!" Qin Shuhua immediately got up and dialed the number.

Nanny Rong roared in broken voice, "The medicine is upstairs. Go get it!" While on the phone, Qin Shuhua heard Nanny Rong's voice and immediately stumbled upstairs, asking, "Which room?"

"The first on the left!"

Hearing Nanny Rong's cry, Qin Shuhua went inside Captain Li's bedroom. Searching all over, she did not find it.

"Did you find it? It's in the drawer!" While performing CPR, Nanny Rong exclaimed.

The phone call went through. Qin Shuhua said the address and flipped through the drawer. However, the medicine Nanny Rong spoke of was not in the first drawer. The second drawer was locked. Taking the huge glass ornament on the nightstand, Qin Shuhua hit the second drawer hard. As the ornament broke, the lock was damaged as well. Qin Shuhua opened it and did not see any medicine, but only a semitransparent folder, through which she saw the title: Divorce Contract!

Halfway through her class, Su Qianci got the message telling her that grandpa was in the hospital. Under everyone's gaze, Su Qianci walked out of the classroom and went to the hospital hurriedly. Captain Li was still in a coma. Qin Shuhua was crying out loud. Seeing Su Qianci coming, Li Sicheng immediately went to her.

Out of breath, Su Qianci grabbed Li Sicheng's sleeve and asked, "What happened? How is grandpa?"

"He had a heart attack."

Su Qianci heard that and almost teared up, exclaiming, "How did that happen? Grandpa has always been in good health. Why did he suddenly have a heart attack?"

Grabbing Su Qianci, Li Sicheng gazed at her and said, "Calm down. Grandpa will be fine. Don't overthink it."

Su Qianci's tears immediately felt. "Nothing's gonna happen, nothing…" Nothing was going to happen. In her previous lifetime, grandpa had lived long, so nothing would happen to him. Although she tried to comfort herself, Su Qianci could not stop herself from crying and being terrified. She was so scared.

In this lifetime, too much had changed. In her previous lifetime, she had been protected by grandpa, while Li Sicheng had hated her guts. So, in this lifetime, just because she had earned Li Sicheng's heart, God was taking grandpa away from her, right?


"What should we do…" Su Qianci couldn't stop being emotional.

Li Sicheng took her in his arms and kept down his own fear, whispering, "Don't worry. Grandpa will be fine. He will live forever. Don't scare yourself."

Qin Shuhua was still holding the folder she found from the drawer. Looking at the couple hugging each other, she suddenly felt it was a joke. They had an agreement to divorce each other in a year. Being so sweet and mushy… were they just putting on a show for her?
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