The 99th Divorce Chapter 299

Chapter 299: That Incident Back in the Day
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Nanny Rong let out a yelp, and Qin Shuhua was also startled. Li Sicheng reacted the fastest, immediately going to catch her with his arm. The sound of his knees knocking on the floor was terribly loud.

As if he had not noticed the pain in his knees, Li Sicheng caught Su Qianci and found her forehead covered in cold sweat. His heart aching, he couldn't help panicking and crying, "Doctor, Doctor!"

The baby was actually less than four months old. Seeing it grow day by day, Tang Mengying felt more and more panic.

"You really think it is Li Sicheng's child?" The voice of Rong Rui was like a nightmare, pestering her day and night.

In the beginning, she was calm. But now, she was awakened by nightmares every night. She had filled out more than half of the mom diary. Every day, she would record her feelings in it. However, if it was not Li Sicheng's child, what was the point in doing that? After some thoughts, Tang Mengying decided to go to Qin Shuhua again. No matter how difficult Captain Li was, Qin Shuhua would not abandon her, right? After all, she owed it to Tang Mengying…

When she came to Qin Shuhua, Li Xiao was not home, and Qin Shuhua was doing some flower arrangement with Liu Sao the maid. After sending Liu Sao away, Tang Mengying directly asked, "Auntie, haven't you figured it out yet?"

Qin Shuhua's smile froze as she said in a fret, "Mengying, you know that Su Qianci is Captain Li's favorite. You made such a scene at the press conference. It's not that I don't want to help you. Captain Li and Sicheng's dad are both blaming me. And Captain Li even went to stay with Sicheng because of me. If anything happens now, how can I live in this family?"

Tang Mengying felt reluctant. "But I'm carrying your grandson!"

"Mengying, listen to me. You should probably get rid of this baby. If you insist on having him, he will not have a father. You know how stubborn Sicheng is. Once he has made up his mind, it is not going to change."

"No way!" Tang Mengying gritted her teeth. "Auntie, even you are against me now. You know very well how I have treated you. Back in the day, my younger brother…"

Before she finished, Qin Shuhua's hand which was trimming the flowers shuddered and her face became pale. Qin Shuhua bristled, "That's enough!"

Tang Mengying knew that she had hit Qin Shuhua's weakness, gritted her teeth, and continued, "Auntie, I saw clearly what had happened…"

"Enough!" Qin Shuhua's face turned blue. "You are threatening me!"

"No, I'm just reminding you. Auntie, after all, I'm carrying Brother Sicheng's son. All you want to do is to keep the child in the Li family. That is a kind thing to do, isn't it?" Qin Shuhua wavered. Overjoyed, Tang Mengying continued, "Su Qianci's mother must have done something to Captain Li, otherwise, how could that kind of girl be married to Brother Sicheng?"

Qin Shuhua did indeed dislike Su Qianci as a daughter-in-law. Glancing at Tang Mengying, she asked, "Is it really Sicheng's?"

"Auntie, the polygraph belongs to the military. How can there be any mistake?" When saying that, Tang Mengying was feeling anxious. She knew that the reason the polygraph test came out clean was that she had believed that her baby was Li Sicheng's. However, if Rong Rui did not lie to her…
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