The 99th Divorce Chapter 3

Su Qianci gazed at him and did not speak.

"Lawful f**ktoy." Holding her chin, Li Sicheng kissed her. Su Qianci stared at him wide-eyed and started to struggle.

Lawful f**ktoy?

Struggling harder and harder with all her limbs, Su Qianci turned her head to the side and cried, "Li Sicheng, we had a divorce. This is rape!"

Li Sicheng paused and felt puzzled, his eyes dark and his eyebrows knitted.


They had only been married for three days, but this woman was already thinking about divorce? What trick is this?

"Let me go!" Not noticing the reaction of Li Sicheng, Su Qianci struggled with all she got. She stopped and cried, "You're dirty. Don't touch me"

His mouth and body had been with Tang Mengying God knows how many times. So dirty A man that had been with that woman.

Outside the room, with some muffled sound, someone knocked on the door. "Brother Sicheng, are you up?"

It was her, Tang Mengying!

Li Sicheng calmed himself down and looked to the door. Su Qianci took the opportunity to shove him aside. As Li Sicheng was caught off guard, he was shoved to the other side of the bed. Su Qianci held the blanket up and rolled herself under the bed.

"Since you're not speaking, then I will come inside?" The voice of Tang Mengying was sweet and cute, sounding just like the girl next door. However, only Su Qianci knew how vicious she was.

The door was pushed open. When Tang Mengying tried to look inside, a red pillow was thrown at her, and Li Sicheng said coldly, "Go away!"

Hit in the face, Tang Mengying saw nothing before she was pushed out. The door was closed and locked on a whim.

Li Sicheng turned around, looking at Su Qianci hiding under the blanket like a mummy, and he felt rather amused.

What trick was this woman pulling?

Su Qianci's face was covered in tears. As she looked down, she suddenly blushed. Su Qianci turned her head around and covered her face. However, she suddenly discovered that her face was extremely smooth!

Worried that she might be mistaken, Su Qianci continued to touch her skin. It was smooth and fine. There was no scar left by the fire! In addition, Su Qianci found that the room was all red.

There was red wedding decorations on the bed, the door, and even the pillow that Li Sicheng used to throw at Tang Mengying. Everything was red, the blanket and the linens

Su Qianci looked at the sheet. A dried blood stain was left on it.

How come?

The old house, wedding decorations, and the blood stain

Her heart suddenly started racing. Su Qianci thought of a crazy possibility and her breath quickened. She looked at Li Sicheng and asked, "What year is it? And what's the date today?"

Li Sicheng looked at her as if she was dumb. "We have only been married for three days, and you are a good actress. Su Qianci, I underestimated you." He did not pay her any attention anymore. Holding his desire back, he walked to the bathroom.

Su Qianci's heart raced. She brought herself up to the vanity. The woman in the mirror had delicate features. On her smooth skin, there was no ugly scar. None!

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