The 99th Divorce Chapter 303

Chapter 303: You Don’t Care About Your Face, So I’ll Hit It For You
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Tang Mengying was holding a handbag and a bag of fruits. As she walked in, Nanny Rong looked at her strangely. "What are you doing here?" Nanny Rong had never been nice to Tang Mengying, not just because of this. Even before this, she had never been fond of the girl.

Ignoring Nanny Rong's unkind tone, Tang Mengying walked inside and said to Su Qianci, "Su Qianci, I heard you're not in good health and came to check on you."

With a smile of mockery, Su Qianci said coldly, "So you have seen me now. You can leave."

There was no way Tang Mengying would leave. She certainly did not come to check on Su Qianci, but seeing her pale complexion, Tang Mengying couldn't help rejoicing. Taking out a book from her handbag, Tang Mengying feigned guilt and said, "Su Qianci, I know that it is unfair to you, but I was really with Brother Sicheng. He said that he would give our baby the most beautiful name. Every day, I could feel the baby looking forward to seeing his father in my belly. I believe that auntie has shown you the test result. I hope you could…"

"You hope me to what?" Su Qianci looked at her coldly with a reluctant smile. "Go away and let you and Li Sicheng have it?"

Tang Mengying was silent, but her expression showed everything. Su Qianci suddenly felt amused. Tang Mengying was the mistress, but why was she forcing Su Qianci the wife to leave?

"I want to check on grandpa." Su Qianci looked at Tang Mengying. "Can you help me go there?"

Tang Mengying did not expect that she would say that and was overjoyed. Fantastic, she did not want to keep this bastard in her belly anyway… If she could blame it on her, Su Qianci would be doomed! With a smile, Tang Mengying wanted to speak when she heard Su Qianci continue, "We should talk to grandpa and father about it." Glancing at Tang Mengying's belly, she said, "After all, you're carrying his baby, he will treat you well."

Hearing that, Tang Mengying was tempted. Right, now everyone believed that she was carrying Li Sicheng's baby. Although Brother Sicheng did not admit it, but even Su Qianci believed so. Why didn't she wait until after she became Li Sicheng's wife and then get rid of it? Tang Mengying nodded and walked up to help her.

Scared to look at that, Nanny Rong said, "Ma'am, let me do it…"

"That's okay. Tang Mengying is my good friend, and she will not harm me." Then she looked at Tang Mengying and smiled gently. "Right?"

Tang Mengying felt even more strange. However, looking at Su Qianci's innocent smile, she let out a sigh of relief inwardly and nodded. "Of course we should help one another. Let's go." Tang Mengying helped Su Qianci out of the door.

Lots of patients and nurses were in the corridor. Just out of the door, Su Qianci let go of Tang Mengying's hand and exclaimed, "Tang Mengying."

Tang Mengying was in a good mood and answered, "Yes?"

However, as she just said that, a hand grabbed her hair and her face was slapped hard.


The loud sound caught everyone's attention.

"You don't care about your face, so I'll hit it for you!"
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