The 99th Divorce Chapter 304

Chapter 304: She Never Knew That Li Sicheng Could Be Like This
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Tang Mengying wanted to dodge, but her hair was gripped by Su Qianci. Seeing her palm falling, Tang Mengying wanted to struggle, but she was slapped before she even lifted her hand. Then, the second, third, and fourth slaps followed…

As if she were crazy, Su Qianci slapped Tang Mengying across her mouth with the back of hand, which caught everyone's attention. "Shameless, shameless, shameless!" As she hit Tang Mengying, Su Qianci roared. Shocked, Nanny Rong did not try to stop her.

Well done! That's the way to go!

Nanny Rong dried her eyes and watched it coldly.

Li Sicheng was talking to grandpa and the door was open. Hearing Su Qianci's voice, he immediately became nervous and dashed out. Immediately, he saw her hitting someone hard.

"Shameless, shameless!" Su Qianci sobbed. Li Sicheng felt suffocated and went up to pull her away. Her hands were red. Noticing someone was pulling her, she struggled like crazy. However, when noticing it was him, she gave up. Every drop of her energy drained, she collapsed into his arms and burst out crying.

Holding her tight, Li Sicheng whispered, "It's okay. It's okay…"

Tang Mengying's face was red and swollen. The sudden attack from Su Qianci caught her off guard. She did not even have a chance to fight back.

An onlooker came to check on Tang Mengying and let out a yelp. "My God, look at that face. Quickly, go see a doctor. It looks horrible. I'll take you…"

Tang Mengying did not respond to the kind onlooker and gazed at Su Qianci and Li Sicheng coldly. Leaning in Li Sicheng's arms, Su Qianci cried like a baby, as if it was her who just got hurt.

"It's all right… Stop crying. Grandpa would be sad if he hears you." Li Sicheng held Su Qianci and comforted her gently like he was talking to a baby.

Tang Mengying's heart was wrung, which hurt even more than her face. She never knew that Li Sicheng could be like this…

Su Qianci sobbed, "I want to go home, darling. Home."

"Yes, home, I'll take you home."

"Darling, you love me, right?"

"I love you and only you."

"Darling, you will never accept that woman, right?"

"No, I only want you."

Every word was a stab in Tang Mengying's heart.

Staying in his arms contentedly, Su Qianci smiled and bury her face in his chest, saying, "Take me home, darling."

"Let's go." Li Sicheng felt the pain in his heart was about to rip him apart. Glancing at Tang Mengying coldly, he said to Nanny Rong, "Take Miss Tang to see a doctor. I'll cover the medical expenses. Pay attention to keep the baby safe."

Didn't she say that she was carrying his baby? Then he will watch her do another DNA test. However, his words were of a different meaning in Su Qianci's mind. She took back her hand on his sleeve and remained still.

Li Sicheng carried her in his arms and walked out of the hospital. Putting her in the passenger seat, Li Sicheng fastened her seatbelt, but was abruptly slapped in the face. He turned his head to look at her and saw her black eyes full of tears and hatred…
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