The 99th Divorce Chapter 31

"Nana!" Mrs. Su stopped her daughter.

Su Shanna did not feel convinced. However, when seeing Li Sicheng, she swallowed her words back. It took Su Qianci more than fifteen minutes to finish eating. After she finished, they chatted a bit more and the Su family was very nervous. However, Su Qianci did not mention a word about leaving.

In the end, Li Sicheng was the one who proposed to leave, which was a great relief to the Su family. They pretended to invite the couple to stay and then sent them away. When she was leaving, Su Qianci could feel the murderous look from the family behind her. However, she felt extremely good.

When she was at the door, Su Qianci stopped. "Mr. Li."

Li Sicheng raised an eyebrow and looked at her.

"I have some other business to attend to. You can go back on your own and I could take a taxi."

Li Sicheng nodded and left.

Seeing the figure of Li Sicheng disappearing at the corner, Su Qianci then walked toward the only pharmacy near the Su family. Walking into the pharmacy, Su Qianci bought a Plan B pill, took it, and then left.

After throwing away the paper cup Su Qianci had used, the store manager suddenly saw several one-hundred-dollar notes in front of him.

He was surprised and then saw a handsome face. "What pill did that girl take?" The store manager was dazed, glanced at the money, and then understood immediately. She eyed the box that had not been thrown away yet.

Seeing the letters on the box, Li Sicheng's eyes became even darker. He pursed his lips, turned around, and left without a word. A bit dazed, the store manager took away the money silently. She had said nothing!

When Su Qianci returned home, Li Sicheng was not there. She entered a room and saw Mrs. Wang playing mah-jongg with Mrs. Li.

"I won!" Mrs. Li obviously had great luck and was laughing happily.

"I'll quit. Qin Shuhua keeps winning. I have lost a great deal today." Mrs. Wang was not happy.

Qin Shuhua was the name of Mrs. Li.

Hearing Mrs. Wang's complaint, Qin Shuhua smiled even more. "Come on, let's continue."

"I'm done, unless you change your partner. Look, your daughter-in-law's back."

The attention was suddenly placed on Su Qianci. Su Qianci paused and called, "Mother, Aunt Lu, Aunt Wang."

"It's great that you are back. Come and play for your mother-in-law."

"I don't really know how to play though," Su Qianci declined.

Hearing her words, Mrs. Wang was even happier. "That's even better. Let your mother-in-law teach you. Come and sit down. Shuhua, let her play."

Having earned a lot, Qin Shuhua had to oblige. She got up and said, "Come and play in my place."

Su Qianci had to sit down, while Qin Shuhua sat behind her and watched her play. When Su Qianci said she did not know how to play, she meant it.

In her previous lifetime, although she had been married to Li Sicheng for five years, his mother was never fond of her, which was why she had never been asked to play mah-jongg with her. This was the first time that she was invited to join a game.

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