The 99th Divorce Chapter 311

Chapter 311: Looking for Her like a Crazy Person
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Li Sicheng called Song Yifan's number. He went out of the hospital and into his car. Song Yifan did not pick up. When he called the second time, Song Yifan eventually answered.

Sounding the same as always, Song Yifan asked, "Hello?"

"Daddy Song."

Hearing that, Song Yifan immediately lit up. Seeing Su Qianci pushing the shopping cart in front of him, he stopped walking.

"Is my wife with you?"

Su Qianci looked back and found Song Yifan was holding the phone, looking hesitant. She knew it was from him. Shaking her head, she pouted her lips, pretending to be crying.

Terrified, Song Yifan immediately said, "No, why would she be with me? Isn't she home?"

"Well" Li Sicheng felt deeply helpless. They have been married for half a year, but he found that he knew nothing about her. She did not go to see Lu Yihan, or Song Yifan. She was not at the university, or home, and given the circumstances, it was impossible that she would go to the old house. Then, where would she go?

"What happened? Are you two fighting?" Song Yifan tried to make his act more convincing and asked in a concerned tone.

"No, nothing. If you hear from her, remember to tell me. I'm looking for her and need to tell her something important."

"Okay, if I see her, I'll definitely tell her that you're looking for her like crazy."

"Thank you!"

Song Yifan hung up. Seeing Su Qianci's complex look, he sighed. "He's looking for you."

"I see." Su Qianci did not have much of a reaction, turned around, and threw a bunch of vegetables into the shopping cart. "Let's keep some food at home. I'll cook for you the next few days."

The next few days?

That would be amazing. He had never tried living with a daughter. Song Yifan felt bad for Li Sicheng for a moment before he quickly caught up with Su Qianci.

Seeing Li Sicheng walking out, Lu Yihan also tried to call Su Qianci. However, her phone was powered off. That was expected. He quickly opened a chat window with her on his laptop and typed: "Hey there, text me back when you see this."

After some thought, Lu Yihan called Yu Lili. Su Qianci did not have too many friends, and Yu Lili would be one of them. Was it possible that she went to find her?

"Oh my" Yu Lili screamed under a hard thrust of the man, shuddering.

Enjoying seeing her slutty side, Ou Ming grabbed his arm around her waist, flipped her over, and continued the action.

The phone was ringing on the nightstand. Yu Lili glanced at it and saw a series of number. The caller was in her contacts, but seeing that number, Yu Lili was so excited that she clenched hard.

Letting out a sigh, Ou Ming leaned over and whispered, "You little witch, what did you do?"

After half an hour, they came to a pause. Ou Ming went into the bathroom, and Yu Lili quickly got up and called Lu Yihan back.

"What?" Yu Lili lowered her voice and felt secretly overjoyed. "What did you call me for?"

Checking the time, Lu Yihan said upset, "What took you so long?"

"How is that your business? What the heck did you call me for?"

"Qianqian is missing, and Li Sicheng is looking for her. Is she with you?"

Yu Lili felt her heart wrench. She knew it. The only reason he called her was Su Qianci.
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