The 99th Divorce Chapter 312

Chapter 312: Marry Me, And Everything I Have Will Be Yours
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Yu Lili snorted and fought back the urge to throw the phone away. "So she's missing. How is that s**t my business?"

"She doesn't have a lot of friends and is only close to you and me in Kingstown. Since she is not with me, she's likely with you."

"No, she is not." Yu Lili was in a fret. "You need something else? If not, hang up."


After hanging up, Yu Lili stood up and abruptly found someone sitting behind her. Startled, Yu Lili almost fell to the floor. Then she cursed, "Dammit, what's wrong with you, Ou Ming. You scared me!"

Ou Ming arched an eyebrow and pursed his lips. Completely nude, he walked toward her and asked, "Who were you calling just now?"

"A friend."

"A guy?"

Yu Lili rolled her eyes at him. "Mind your own business." Glancing down, she found that he seemed to have the intention to continue after his shower. Looking away, Yu Lili covered her body with the comforter and said, "I'll go take a shower."

"Not now. Let's do it one more time."

"No, you said once."

"Just once more. I promise." Ou Ming pulled her back and pushed her down in bed. Unable to fight him, Yu Lili let Ou Ming have his way. After they were done, Yu Lili was exhausted, lying on top of him, reluctant to move.

"Yu Lili."

"What?" Yu Lili did not even lift her eyelids, asking in a rising tone.

Holding her in his arms, Ou Ming said seriously, "Let's get married."

Scared, Yu Lili shuddered and got up, looking at him incredulously. "Are you crazy?"

Looking at the love marks he left on her chest, Ou Ming curled his lips and touched her face, explaining seriously, "No, I'm not. Marry me, and I will make you the mistress of the Ou Ming household." Didn't she love money? The Ou Ming household had plenty of that.

Yu Lili looked like she was freaking out. Getting out of the bed, she said hurriedly, "I'll go shower." Ou Ming rolled over, got up, and followed her into the shower. Seeing him, Yu Lili looked annoyed. "Get out."

"You want to get out there and continue?" Ou Ming deliberately twisted her words. "If you're not tired, we could do it in the shower as well, to try out some new positions."

"Go away!" Yu Lili threw the showerhead at him. "I'm afraid that you will die from excessive ejaculation."

He was horny all the time every day! Without taking any tonic, he would die of excessive indulgence sooner or later. Catching the showerhead, Ou Ming pinned Yu Lili against the wall and sprayed water on both of them. "I meant it."

"So did I. Leave me alone!"

"I meant our marriage."

"" Yu Lili suddenly became speechless. Seeing his rare serious face, she smiled sarcastically. "I don't deserve to be the wife of Young Master Ou."

"You don't need to have a matching status, as long as I am into you."

Yu Lili felt amused, approached him, and asked, "Do you like me, or my body?"

Ou Ming moved even closer to her and laughed silently. Pushing his thigh between her legs, he whispered, "I like everything about you. Marry me, and everything I have will be yours."

"Uhhh" Penetrated abruptly, Yu Lili let out a moan.

Looking down, Ou Ming smiled lewdly, his hands ravishing her body. "See? You like me as well, don't you?"
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