The 99th Divorce Chapter 313

Chapter 313: Thinking about My Girl at Midnight
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When they both came out of the shower, it was more than one hour later. Yu Lili lay in the bed motionless, let Ou Ming put pajamas on her, and then drifted off. Topless, Ou Ming lit a cigar and slowly smoked it in the sofa next to the bed. Seeing Yu Lili sound asleep, Ou Ming was in a fret. What was wrong with him? Why didn't this girl like him? He had tried to keep her around him using such a huge bait. Wasn't it enough? Though not famous, the Ou Ming family was very rich. Didn't she like money? Why was she not willing to marry him?

Ou Ming did not have an answer. The heavy smoke blurred his vision and made his eyes sting. Puffing out some smoke, he put out the cigar. The phone rang on the nightstand. Yu Lili impatiently put the comforter over her head. The call was from Li Sicheng. Ou Ming checked the time and found it was past 11 PM. Why was he calling him at this hour?

Ou Ming picked up and crossed his legs. "Hello, Li Sicheng. What do you need?"

"You're with your girl?"

"You're thinking about my girl at midnight?"

"My wife's gone. It is very likely she went to see your girl."

Kingstown was big, but Su Qianci could not vanish out of the thin air. He had searched every hotel, checked the records of all the train stations, and even been to the Su family. However, she failed to find her.

"Well, my girl's been with me the whole day."

"Got it."

Hearing the disappointment in Li Sicheng's voice, Ou Ming gave a low whistle. "Did she leave you because you are insufferable?"

Li Sicheng's face dimmed. He hung up without responding. Less than one second after he hung up, he got an incoming call. It was Cheng You.

"I have got access to the street surveillance footage from the traffic police as you asked. Mrs. Li seemed to have left with Mr. Song."

"Song Yifan?"


Li Sicheng suddenly felt like a fool. He thought at least Song Yifan would not lie to him on such a matter. He thought that Song Yifan would have some senses left as an adult man. However

"F**k!" Li Sicheng's voice.

Hearing that, Cheng You was dumbfounded. It was the first time that she had heard Li Sicheng using the F word. Although it was rude it was weirdly hot at the same time. Rough and sexy.

"You can go back first. I'll let you know if there's something else."


Su Qianci was crying the whole day. Exhausted, she thought she would quickly fall asleep, but something was bothering her in her mind, preventing her from drifting off. The longer she lay in bed, the more awake she became. Eventually, she decided to get up and walk out.

Song Yifan was on the phone. Seeing Su Qianci walking out, he looked surprised. Su Qianci waved her hand, signaling him to continue, and walked to the sofa in the living room. Before she sat down, the doorbell rang. Her white feet touched the cold floor and curled up. Walking to the door, Su Qianci stood on her toes and looked through the peephole. No one was there. However, the doorbell rang again. Su Qianci opened the door, but still saw no one there. Before she had time to look left and right, her hand was caught by a rough hand. She looked up and saw a pair of cold eyes
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