The 99th Divorce Chapter 315

Chapter 315: Yes, Ma'am
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Fighting back the urge to cry, Su Qianci answered, "I see. Dad, you should go to bed. Good night."

"Come drink a cup of milk before bed. I warmed it up for you," said Song Yifan.

Feeling a bit reluctant to go out, Su Qianci did not want to waste Song Yifan's effort. Getting up and walking to the door barefooted, she opened the door and did not see Song Yifan, but

Her first reaction was to slam the door shut, but Li Sicheng quickly put his hand on the door. Su Qianci slammed the door hard but felt a strong resistance.


"Ouch!" Li Sicheng let out an exaggerated cry. Shocked, Su Qianci quickly opened the door.

Seeing him holding his fingers, she was terrified and grabbed his hand. It was blue and purple. She asked hurriedly, "Does it hurt?"

He did not answer but used his other hand to take her into his arms.

Startled, she looked up and saw his eyes, as deep as lake. Still mad, she struggled to push him away but was not his match. No matter how she wriggled, he did not move. Su Qianci bristled, "Let go of me!"

"My hand hurts." Li Sicheng looked at her with puppy eyes. "You're responsible for it and you're chasing me away. That's terrible."

Feeling guilty, she shut her mouth. Looking down at his fingers, she found they were bruised, looking scary. It looked like it must hurt a lot

"Does it hurt a lot?"

"Of course!" Li Sicheng complained.

Su Qianci took pity on him, but when she caught a glimpse of the smile in his eyes, she quickly turned her head away and said, "You are so fragile as a man."

Song Yifan overheard it and did not know what to say. Wouldn't a man get hurt? Of course it hurt a lot when one's fingers were jammed

However, Li Sicheng followed her logic. "Yes, I am. That's why I need my wife to comfort me."

His pleading tone made her go soft. She looked at him again and whispered, "So it really hurts?"

"Yes, I'm dying here."

Song Yifan could not stand to watch anymore and quickly left.

Taking his hand, Su Qianci walked into the bathroom and ran the tap water on his fingers. A bruise could not be treated with medicine immediately but must be cooled down first.

Li Sicheng had a soft look in his eyes. Looking down, he found she was still barefooted. Taken by his arms, Su Qianci let out a cry and heard him say, "Step on my feet."

She looked down and saw her feet turning red because of the cold floor. She followed his advice and stepped on his feet. Turning off the water, she said, "Let go."

"What do you want to do?"

"Put on my shoes."

"What for?"

"To get some ice from the fridge."

"All right," Li Sicheng answered. Holding Su Qianci in his arms, he happily walked to the kitchen and opened the fridge. "How much do we want?"

"Just a piece" Su Qianci said. "And get a towel."

"Where's the towel?"

"The bathroom"

Holding her, Li Sicheng walked to the bottom again and got a towel.

"What now?" Li Sicheng looked down at her.

Her cheeks as pink as an apple, Su Qianci said in a low voice, "The sofa now"

Li Sicheng lit up and obeyed, "Yes, ma'am."
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