The 99th Divorce Chapter 317

Chapter 317: I Trust You
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Su Qianci felt a bit disappointed, but her eyes suddenly lit up. "Can I" Can I go with you? She swallowed it back.


Su Qianci shook her head and said, "Go ahead."

Li Sicheng felt a bit upset for not being able to take her home. However, on the thought that his mother might have been taken hostage by Rong Rui, he felt anxious and said to her softly, "Go to bed early. It's too late today. I'll pick you up tomorrow."

"It's okay. You do your thing."

She stood up and gave him a push toward the door.

Li Sicheng looked down and saw her feet, complaining, "Why are you never wearing shoes? In ancient times, this would be seen as a symbol of bad character." Then, he scooped her up and said, "It's getting colder. Remember to wear shoes."

"All right." Su Qianci was then tucked in, watching him go away. As the door was closed, she felt empty in her heart. She did not want him to go Even though she had asked for a divorce, the moment she saw Li Sicheng looking for her, she regretted it. At the same time, she was glad that he had objected resolutely.

"Just go with the flow" Su Qianci adjusted her position and closed her eyes, but still, she could not sleep. Exhaling, she eventually took out her phone. She looked through Weibo, and 80% of the feed led to viruses. She had a laugh and went to her own page, finding she had a lot more followers. She used to only have several "zombie fans" but now her followers had increased by tens of thousands.

Looking at more than eighty thousand followers, she checked the comments, which were almost all about her albums of the Maldives, the wisteria and piano, weddings, parties, and daily life. Each photo at least had a thousand comments.

[A_straightforward_coy_girl] @Qianqian: Mrs. Li, you go girl! You must trust your husband. The Tang girl is a childhood friend of his. If he liked her even just a little bit, he would have shagged her much earlier. There's no point in cheating on you after you're married.

[BesteverQ18] @Qianqian: You are a goddess. I became a fan instantaneously. Do you even have a bad angle? Gorgeous!

[Eighttimespernight] @BesteverQ18: of course[dog] my goddess is the best. The Tang girl could not be compared to her.

[Because_I_am_cute] @Qianqian: The Tang b*tch is a shameless and delusional like Mr. Li said.

Su Qianci read the feed one by one, her heart filled with joy. Looking through her albums, Su Qianci found a photo of her and Li Sicheng. She wrote under it: I trust you[heart] good night. Less than ten seconds later, there was a reply:

[IlovemoneyandQianqian] @Qianqian: Abusing single people at midnight Great pic though!

Su Qianci chuckled and replied: Get used to it.

[IlovemoneyandQianqian] @Qianqian: You replied!!! I'll go buy the lottery now [excited][excited][excited]

Many comments followed, asking to be replied. After replying for a while, Su Qianci felt drowsy and connected her phone to the charger, placing it on the nightstand. Looking at the ceiling, she smiled and muttered, "I trust you."
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