The 99th Divorce Chapter 32

After several rounds, Su Qianci had lost a lot. Qin Shuhua could no longer watch that, said she was tired, and returned to her own room, asking Tang Mengying to teach Su Qianci.

Tang Mengying took Qin Shuhua's place and started to instruct Su Qianci, which Su Qianci did not feel good about. And indeed, under Tang Mengying's guidance, Su Qianci had lost all the money that Qin Shuhua had won.

Feeling a bit guilty, Su Qianci started to use her own money to bet.

Mrs. Wang was extremely happy, but she suddenly felt a stomachache. "Ouch! My stomach really hurts. Mengying, come here and play for me. I'll go to the restroom."

After Tang Mengying sat down, she immediately won twice in a row.

"Oh my god, Tang Mengying's luck is great as well. And she got all her money from Su Qianci."

"Su Qianci, you must have lost a lot. I saw you taking your own money out."

Feeling embarrassed, Su Qianci was contemplating whether she should quit, when she heard Tang Mengying say, "That's no problem at all. The Li family is so rich that they could afford it. Isn't that right, Su Qianci?"

The seemingly harmless words put Su Qianci on the spot. She was a member of the Li family now and represented the face of the family. The Li family could lose money, but not face. If she said she would quit at this point, then it would mean that the Li family could not afford it.

Feeling awkward, Su Qianci had to say, "It's all right."

"That's great!" The other women were happy to hear that. "Then let's continue!"

Having lost so much money, Su Qianci had figured out the basic rules. However, after they started another round, she still felt a bit confused.

When Su Qianci was hesitating how to play, she suddenly heard a deep voice behind her say, "You've won."

Su Qianci was dazed, looking down at her tiles, but she did not understand how she had won. At this time, a hand reached for her tiles from behind. When the hand approached her, Su Qianci suddenly felt a wave of male hormones as temperature around her rose. She could feel his breath next to her hair

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