The 99th Divorce Chapter 325

Chapter 325: She Was The One Who Pushed Him Down The Abyss
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If everything was true, then Rong Rui got to live. If not, then it would be worse than death. Pinching her own arm, Tang Mengying was in a fret as she gazed at Rong Rui who was pleading with his eyes.

As if he was following Li Sicheng's words, one of the bodyguards had moved behind Rong Rui and put his hand on Rong Rui's penis Shuddering, Rong Rui pleaded to Tang Mengying, "Tang Mengying, I did so much for you. I don't want anything back from you, but you can't watch them do this to me If"

If he was really at the mercy of these people, Rong Rui would be Everyone could imagine what would happen to him.

Tang Mengying was not an idiot. In fact, she was very intelligent. But because of her intelligence, Tang Mengying knew very well what would happen to herself if she had confessed at this point. Seeing her being conflicted, Rong Rui was overjoyed. He knew it, he knew it! She would not let that happen to him, right? She would not disregard his suffering, right?

"Rong Rui" With her throat dry, Tang Mengying called, looking cold.

As if a bucket of ice was poured over his heart, Rong Rui felt his hope put out. No, no

Tang Mengying's words next made him collapse. She said, "I cannot admit to things that I never did."

He felt every ounce of his energy was drained. Lying on the floor limp, he could not get up. Looking at Rong Rui sympathetically, the hunter said, "Boss, what should we do with him?"

Looking at Tang Mengying deeply, Li Sicheng said slowly, "He's yours."

The bodyguards were overjoyed, gawking at Rong Rui with lust and desire. Rubbing their hands together, they approached Rong Rui. And Rong Rui did not struggle like he used to. His looked blank, Rong Rui gazed into the distance and then glanced at Tang Mengying with his heart dead. Nothing hurt more than having one's hope crushed, not even death. Rong Rui did not struggle at all, letting them do whatever they wanted with his body.

Not daring to face his gaze, Tang Mengying turned her head away and clenched her fists. She knew that he had been great to her. But she could not! If she confessed at this point, it would be a slap in her face. At that time, she and her family would all be doomed. She could not ruin her entire family Now she could only use Su Qianci to Hearing the rustling not far from her, Tang Mengying felt like her heart was sliced into pieces and her eyes became wet. However, she did not say anything.

"Go inside," said Li Sicheng, his voice deep and mellow. "Don't do it in front of the lady."

The bodyguards got the command and pulled Rong Rui into a room.

Tang Mengying wrung her own hands and looked to the room. She immediately saw the despair in Rong Rui's eyes. He looked like he was about to go mad. His eyes bloodshot, he shouted, "Tang Mengying! Ah"

The door of the room was standing ajar. Soon, Tang Mengying heard deep growls and flesh hitting flesh. Each sound made Tang Mengying's scalp prickle. Rong Rui, Rong Rui


The door was shut, keeping all the noises inside. Tang Mengying collapsed on the sofa with her face pale. She was the one who pushed him down the abyss
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