The 99th Divorce Chapter 326

Chapter 326: Rong Ruis Suicide
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"This is the house I prepared for you. Do you like it?" Li Sicheng suddenly asked, with an unnoticeable hint. In a trance, Tang Mengying heard his words and looked at Li Sicheng. His eyes were as deep as the ocean. He said, "Consider this house a gift for the baby. You could live here from now on."

Baby A gift for the baby? He admitted it? She was dumbfounded, looking at him.

"You can keep all the bodyguards as well. They will be responsible for his safety." With one hand in his pocket, Li Sicheng stared at her. Under the lighting in the living room, he looked like he was shining, like the man she secretly drew in her paintings. So dazzling

Her heart thumped, her eyes unable to move away from him. He was looking at her. He really was! She had been waiting for so long With her eyes wet, Tang Mengying looked at him and called, "Brother Sicheng" For so many years, she came to believe that what she had always wanted was merely an illusion. She had thought that he could be nothing but a dream for her. But this house was for her baby. He believed her. He really believed that this was their baby

The hunter stood on the side and felt shocked. Did the boss mean it? Although the house was not in the city center, it was quite big and at least cost tens of millions. Was he giving it away? The hunter felt dumbfounded, but looking at Tang Mengying's reaction, he immediately thought of a word: seduction. However, what did the boss want to achieve?

"Go to rest. It's the crack of dawn," Li Sicheng said thoughtfully. "In a bit, the nannies will come over to take care of you."

It was the first time she had seen him speaking so gently. In addition He had arranged bodyguards and nannies for her. Also, he did it himself? This was something she could not even dream of in her wildest dream. Suddenly, her heart warm, she asked, "Brother Sicheng, why are you suddenly so nice to me?"

Li Sicheng heard her words and his eyes became deeper as he glanced at her pregnant belly. She finally understood; he might really take this baby for his own? She was even happier. So, when Su Qianci "made her" lose the baby, Li Sicheng's reaction would definitely be on point.

Two birds with one stone.

She could clear her name and her family's. Also, Su Qianci could never stand next to him. With Qin Shuhua's help, Tang Mengying could replace Su Qianci and become the new Mrs. Li Exhilarated, she felt she was getting closer and closer to her target.


A loud sound came from the room where Rong Rui was, shocking Tang Mengying and bringing her back to reality.

The door of the room was opened. A bodyguard walked out, looking panicked. He could not speak, so he gestured with his hands.

Li Sicheng had a sharp look in his eyes. "You're saying that Rong Rui committed suicide?"
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