The 99th Divorce Chapter 329

Chapter 329: She Would Become Mrs. Li Sooner or Later
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Su Qianci walked out of the campus quickly. Feeling anxious, she took a taxi to the property in Jiang Zhou.

"Mom, I know. Brother Sicheng is here with me, so I will definitely take good care of myself," Tang Mengying said in a sweet voice. Her wide eyes fixated on Li Sicheng without blinking.

Sitting to the side, Li Sicheng leaned against the couch with a contract in front of him. Hearing her girlish voice, he had some subtle disgust in his eyes.

Tang Mengying did not notice it at all. It seemed Mrs. Tang had mentioned something embarrassing. Tang Mengying looked bashful and said, "Mom! What are you talking about? All right, I have to go now. Bye." Her cheeks flaming, she looked sultry. As a pregnant woman, she was mature and full of allure.

Li Sicheng was not attracted at all and said, "Now that you have talked to your parents, you can stay here from today. They will be responsible for your safety." He pointed to the team of bodyguards standing near them, not too many, just twenty. Then, he looked to the group of women from less than twenty years old to thirty plus. They all looked quite humble. "They will take care of your accommodation and food." There were twenty maids and nannies as well.

Tang Mengying said excitedly, "Brother Sicheng Do you mean it? Our child is not even born yet, and you are spending so much money on him. After he's born, won't you spoil him?"

Our child!

Li Sicheng couldn't help feeling disgusted. Resisting the urge to leave immediately, he gazed at her deeply with his dark eyes, his look so complex that it was hard to tell what emotion it was.

Tang Mengying felt her heart was racing. Looking away, she said nervously, "What What is it?"

Was she extra pretty today? It was true that a merry heart makes a cheerful countenance. Touching her face, Tang Mengying couldn't help smiling.

"It won't be for nothing," Li Sicheng said coldly, hinting at something. "Very soon, the cost will be recovered."

Hearing that, she nodded and whispered, "If the child takes after you, he will definitely be very successful and earn every penny back."

Glancing at her, Li Sicheng did not explain, stood up, and said, "I should go to the hospital to get the dressings changed for my wound. You rest well and take care of yourself."

"Okay," Tang Mengying said reluctantly and grabbed his sleeve. "Will you come tonight?"

Li Sicheng glanced at her hand, and Tang Mengying quickly removed it as if it was burned. "I'll be here after I'm done," Li Sicheng said coldly and turned away.

She felt disappointed. However, thinking of what he had given her, she couldn't help feeling incredibly happy. Wait for it. She would become Mrs. Li sooner or later.

The taxi was parked near the property. When Su Qianci was about to get out, the black European-style gate opened. A black Maybach slowly drove out, and she clearly saw the man sitting in the copilot seat. He looked cold and indifferent and so familiar. Looking inside, Su Qianci saw Tang Mengying standing at the door, gazing at Li Sicheng's ride lovingly
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