The 99th Divorce Chapter 331

Two days was not a long time. However, to Tang Mengying, it was almost unbearable.

"Some sour plums for me, please!"

"Laurel, I want some noodles."

"What the heck? You can't even do that right? Brother Sicheng is paying you for nothing."

"Hey, what is that look on your face? Do you know who I am?"

Tang Mengying had tortured and given orders all the nannies, enjoying being the mistress of the house. However, she felt unbelievably at loss at the same time. After her beck and call, she went to sleep out of boredom. When she woke up, she was so bored that she wanted to blow some bubbles. Suddenly, she was reminded of something that she had to do at present. She needed to go to Li Sicheng's company. At the same time, she needed to get Su Qianci there and use her hands to

Although Li Sicheng had asked her not to go outside, wouldn't it be better if she could get rid of the baby without him suspecting her? Having made up her mind, Tang Mengying picked a loose dress that showed her belly the best and put gorgeous makeup on herself. The woman in the mirror looked sophisticated and beautiful. She took her purse sexually and walked out of the door.

Seeing Tang Mengying being so radiant, the two maids at the door immediately looked at each other and followed her.

"You don't have to follow me. I'll just take a walk."

Tang Mengying was very impatient with the maids. None of them could speak, except for Laurel. How boring!

Laurel, the housekeeper quickly came and asked, "Ms. Tang, what are you doing?"

"Why do I need to report to you?" Tang Mengying said, upset.

"Mr. Li said you should rest well. If you don't have a good rest during your pregnancy, you would have a hard time giving birth to a baby." Laurel had added that last sentence herself.

However, that made Tang Mengying overjoyed. "All right, I see. But I do have something that I must attend to. You can stay put and I'll be right back."

"No, miss Tang. You can't go out."

Hearing Laurel's words, the two bodyguards at the gates looked cold as they blocked the door.

"What do you mean? I can't go out?"

"Miss Tang, just stay at home. That's Mr. Li's order."

She bristled, "Who do you think you are? You're trying to stop me from going out? Am I not your mistress?" Then, she immediately dialed Li Sicheng's number. However, although the signal bars were full, she could not make the outgoing call. Surprised, she turned her data on, tried 3G and 4G, but failed to send even a WeChat message. She suddenly became pale and thought of the murals and tall walls around the house

The bodyguards quickly came up, hearing the noise. The maids looked respectful but fearless. Laurel looked at her with a warning in her eyes. Tang Mengying's heart skipped a beat. A crazy idea filled her head: she was imprisoned.

Seven days soon passed. Su Qianci did not know how she had spent the days. Standing next to a French window on the sixteenth floor, she gazed at cars and pedestrians coming and going on the street. As the clock ticked, her legs gradually became sore, but she could not even think of sitting down. Her cell phone rang, pulling her back to reality. She glanced at the screen of the cell phone, and it was from Qin Shuhua.

"Qianci, where are you? Let's have a talk."
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