The 99th Divorce Chapter 332

Qin Shuhua and Su Qianci were supposed to meet at Qin Shuhua's favorite French restaurant. In her previous lifetime, to win her mother-in-law's favor, she specifically learned Western table manners in order to perform well when Qin Shuhua invited her to dinner. However, she only learned later that the reason Qin Shuhua did not like her was not that she was not good enough, but that Tang Mengying was too good. There was no way that Su Qianci could beat Tang Mengying in her heart.

Qin Shuhua had booked a VIP room. Brought there by the waiter, Su Qianci immediately saw her elegant mother-in-law sitting inside. Seeing her, Qin Shuhua gestured to the waiter and said, "We are ready now."

"Mother." She sat down, letting the waiter unwrap the silverware and place the napkin in her lap.

Qin Shuhua nodded, drank from her glass, cleared her throat, and said, "You do not stay at home these days?"


"And why is that?"

Su Qianci pursed her lips and looked at Qin Shuhua. Qin Shuhua looked happier than she normally was. Vaguely, she could see the calculation in her eyes. Her heart sinking, she curled her lips and said, "Mother, what are you getting at?"

The waiter had brought up the food. The first plate was French style mussels.

"I know it all." Qin Shuhua looked at Su Qianci with a half smile. "You still want to hide it from me?"

"What?" Su Qianci did not understand.

"The contract."

Her pupils shrank as she heard those words. She suddenly became anxious. Contract? What contract? Pretending to be calm, Su Qianci looked at Qin Shuhua puzzled. "Contract?"

The waiter soon served Coquilles St.-Jacques, which looked almost like a piece of art. Then, it was fried fish and onion soup Su Qianci suddenly chuckled with mockery. All Tang Mengying's favorites.

Qin Shuhua seemed to notice that as well, cleared her throat, and said, "I was a bit hungry, so I ordered mine first. If you don't like these, you could order something else."


Qin Shuhua asked the waiter to leave and said, "Dinner first. We can talk afterwards."

However, with the burden on her heart, Su Qianci did not have a good appetite. Also, she liked none of the dishes. Taking several bites, she could no longer eat and cut to the chase, "Mother, why did you asked me to come here today?"

"You're full?" Qin Shuhua glanced at the dishes that were barely touched and said with contempt, "What a waste. If it were"

Su Qianci also became mad and sneered, "Mother, you ordered everything Tang Mengying likes. I don't like this kind of food. If you don't want to waste it, shouldn't you have invited her here instead?"

Qin Shuhua did not expect Su Qianci to talk back and gazed at her in surprise.

Glancing at the clock on her cell phone, Su Qianci said, "How about you ask her to come here right now? Maybe she could even join you while the food is still hot."

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"What is this supposed to mean?"

Qin Shuhua was rendered speechless, opened her purse, took out the contract that she had taken, and threw it at Su Qianci. Su Qianci's heart skipped a beat. Her arrogance immediately died down. Looking down, her mind went blank. The divorce contract? How did it end up in Qin Shuhua's hands?

"How do you explain this?"
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