The 99th Divorce Chapter 333

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“How do you explain this?” Qin Shuhua asked sharply. “Divorce contract? I had no idea that you had it in you to draft something like this. I have no idea what Captain Li sees in you. To become Mrs. Li, you and your mother had indeed worked hard.”

Su Qianci’s heart raced even more. Looking at the angry Qin Shuhua, she calmed down, glanced at her, and asked, “Where did you get this?”

Divorce Contract. The term was one year. About seven months had passed until now. So, they only had less than half a year left. There were her and Li Sicheng’s signatures, as well as the red stamp from the lawyer

“Never mind that.” Qin Shuhua looked emotional as she stood up. “You and my son had this kind of agreement since the very beginning, so who is the father of the baby that you have lost?”

Su Qianci felt she was suddenly back to her last lifetime when everyone was pointing fingers at her. Qin Shuhua had not changed a bit. However Su Qianci was no longer that Su Qianci. With her face cold, she stood up and said slowly, “Mother, the reason I call you that is because I treat you as my own mother.”

Qin Shuhua looked at Su Qianci incredulously, not expecting to hear that tone from her.

“However, are you sure what you do now fits the description of a mother? If my baby was not Li Sicheng’s, do you think your son would forgive me? Do you think Mr. Li could tolerate being cuckolded by me?”

Qin Shuhua stopped. Indeed, no one knew Li Sicheng better than her. He was someone quite harsh and would not tolerate anything like that.

“I know that you have never liked me. And you have even never treated me like your daughter-in-law. I’m aware of that. However, why do you have to work so hard to bring together Li Sicheng and Tang Mengying?” Su Qianci never understood that. “Last time at the press conference, you saw clearly that my baby’s death had everything to do with Tang Mengying. If it were not for her, my baby would be seven months old in my belly. And before Chinese New Year, it would be born. In two years, he or she would be able to call you grandmother and call me mother.”

Qin Shuhua was a bit touched. Looking at Su Qianci who had hatred burning in her eyes, Qin Shuhua was puzzled. She had always thought that Su Qianci had no temper. But it turned out that the woman who had always been hiding behind Li Sicheng or Li Xun could be so fierce.

“But mother,” Su Qianci looked hurt, “My baby is dead, killed by Tang Mengying. Instead of questioning her and blaming her, why are you treating me like this now? Mother, this is so unfair.”

Looking at her, Qin Shuhua sneered, “So I’ll take your word and believe the baby is my son’s. But how about this? How do you explain it?”

Looking at the divorce contract, Su Qianci suddenly had an idea which explained all her confusions. Chuckling, she had a complicated look on her face as she asked slowly, “Did he ask you to talk to me?”

He? Li Sicheng? Qin Shuhua looked at her surprised.

Su Qianci’s eyes became wet. He wanted to get a divorce ahead of time, so that Tang Mengying and his baby could naturally become a part of the Li family, right? So, the secret that belonged to them would appear in Qin Shuhua’s hand for her to force a divorce between them, right? Su Qianci’s heart ached bluntly. Her dark eyes were watery. The next second, she smiled radiantly. “Please tell him that I will not get a divorce.”

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