The 99th Divorce Chapter 334

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As long as Su Qianci did not get the divorce, Tang Mengying would be the mistress. She wanted Tang Mengying’s baby born as a bastard. They wanted her to step down and welcome the intruders?

In their dream!

Facing Qin Shuhua’s puzzled look, she took her purse and walked away. After paying for the meal, she took a taxi and went home. She thought she would cry, but when she got in the taxi, she felt her heart unexpectedly empty. Her eyes were dry. Leaning against the back of the seat, she felt like she was so depressed that she could fall into a bottomless pit anytime.

Taking a deep breath, Su Qianci opened the window and saw the landscape of the city going back. The cold wind of October filled the car, made her shudder. Thinking of a place, she looked away and said, “Sir, please go to Kingstown Tower.”

Kingstown Tower was located at the center of Kingstown, surrounded by many famous office buildings and landmarks. After purchasing a ticket, Su Qianci directly went to the top of the tower. Looking down from the glass floor on the rim, she felt her heart beating like thunder. Very soon, Su Qianci lit up and looked into the distance. The city was ablaze with lights. The streets were lit up by the street lamps. Vehicles came and went. Underneath her, the largest river in Kingstown was flowing. Luxurious ships were going slowly on the river.


Having lived in the city for so many years, it was the first time for Su Qianci to look at it this way. Lost in thought, the buzzing cell phone in her purse startled heri. Looking down, she was suddenly shocked by the view under her foot. Her first reaction was to step back before she thought of the fact that she was standing on top of Kingstown Tower. Noticing people glancing at her, she felt embarrassed, blushed, and walked to a quiet corner. Taking out her cell phone, Su Qianci found the caller was Lu Yihan.

“Hey, Qianqian!”


“Look back.”

Dazed, Su Qianci turned her head back.

Lu Yihan was holding his cell phone, looking at her with a brilliant smile. Under his rimless glasses, his eyes were gentle and attractive.

“Why are you here?” Su Qianci exclaimed. “Are you following me?”

Hearing that, Lu Yihan stepped back and cried, “hell no. That is a brazen assumption. I’m here with clients.”

She looked behind him. “Where are the clients?”

“Gone. I said I saw a good friend here, so they said they would leave first. Are you alone?”


“Great, join me for dinner. I have not eaten yet.”

“Don’t you need to have dinner with your clients?

“The two of them are a couple, so they are going to eat together. I am not invited. Single people have no human rights.” Lu Yihan looked very upset.

Su Qianci laughed and pretended to be reluctant. “All right then. I have not eaten anyway.”

Looking at her, Lu Yihan smiled even more and nodded. “Let’s go.”

After dinner, it was past 9 PM.

With a great conversation, Lu Yihan managed to make Su Qianci light up in less than three hours. Her crazy mind was quickly eased.

Lu Yihan drove to the tower, so he proposed to drive her home. Su Qianci did not reject and told him to go to Song Yifan’s place. As they chatted and had fun, they arrived at the destination Lu Yihan parked his car in front of the neighborhood and walked her up.

However, when they arrived at the building, a familiar figure caught Su Qianci’s eye. Tall and handsome and so familiar

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