The 99th Divorce Chapter 338

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Cheng You was almost in tears. She wanted to call Su Qianci, but her boss stopped her.

“If you dare to call her, you won’t need to work for me anymore.”

So, Su Qianci still did not know he was injured? She really thought he had come back from his “business trip?” When Cheng You felt upset and decided to earn some overtime pay, Li Sicheng sent her away. Before she left, he asked, “Where’s my cell phone?”

“It’s broken. The screen is smashed and it’s under repair,” said Cheng You. “I got a new one for you. Here.”

Li Sicheng glanced at it, rubbed his forehead and said, “Okay. You can go back now.”

When Cheng You was about to turn away, he stopped her again.


“Anything else?”

“Did she ever call?”


Cheng You was dazed for a second before she understood him. Shaking her head, Cheng You said, “I don’t think so. Your old cell phone was dead after being smashed. There has been no call from Mrs. Li on the new cell phone.”

There were several calls from the clients though. Li Sicheng’s eyes dimmed. He nodded with a poker face, gestured Cheng You to leave, and lay down.

The house had been empty for half a month, and Nanny Rong was a bit worried. She made a phone call to the old house, meaning to snitch on the couple. When hearing Captain Li’s high-pitched voice, Nanny Rong knew that the old house had no idea about the couple’s fight either. Nanny Rong tried to make the situation sound better by saying, “Maybe the couple are just staying away for a while. After all, Mr. Li has more properties than this one”

“Nonsense. He would have told you if that is the case. Something must have happened,” Captain Li bristled, “I was just wondering why Qianqian’s tone has been weird when she calls me. That boy must have bullied her!”

Nanny Rong was rendered speechless. She felt like Su Qianci was his biological granddaughter, while Li Sicheng was from another family.

“Now I know. You don’t need to worry about it. I will deal with it.”


As Nanny Rong said that, Captain Li hung up.

The landline in the old house was a rotary phone. Captain Li put his finger into the rotary and dialed Li Sicheng’s number, ready to teach the boy a lesson. However, no one picked up. He called two more times, but the result was the same. After more than half an hour, Li Sicheng called back. Feeling a strong urge to curse, Captain Li picked up and roared, “What are you thinking? Not taking the call from your grandpa?”

Li Sicheng remained silent for a second before he said, “Grandpa, I was in a meeting.”

“Meeting! You have meetings all day! Every time I call you, you are in a meeting. What’s the point of earning so much money? If you have time, you should be with your wife and try to make her happy. Otherwise, you will have enough time to cry when she leaves you!”

Li Sicheng did not say anything but checked the calendar on his desk. It had been seven days since they saw each other.

“Say something!” Captain Li bristled.

“Still here. Do you need something, grandpa?”

Captain Li suddenly became furious and barked, “You brat! I said so much, and you didn’t hear me?”

“I did.”

“If you did, get your ass here in the old house and take your wife with you.”

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