The 99th Divorce Chapter 340

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Su Qianci walked closer, and the window was rolled down. She saw Li Sicheng’s profile, familiar angles, cold as ever She couldn’t help gazing at him.

Li Sicheng turned his head and looked at her deeply and coldly. It was as if he was not paying attention. Looking away deliberately, she wanted to walk past the car with her backpack. He blocked her way with the car.

“Get in the car.” A resolute command. His voice was deep and mellow, so familiar that her heart skipped a beat. Gazing at her, he slowly said, “Grandpa asked that you go back to the old house for dinner.”

Grandpa Su Qianci pursed her lips, opened the door of the copilot seat, got in the car, and said, “let’s go.”

Li Sicheng gazed at her more deeply. Clearly noticing his dark look, she felt a bit nervous, but she still pretended to be calm and looked ahead while tightening her grip on her backpack. Suddenly, he leaned over her, shortening the distance between the two of them. She was startled and shrank back. Turning her head, she saw his eyes as cold as winter ponds. She unconsciously held her breath and gazed at him.

He looked down and glanced at her, seeing that she was shuddering as if faced with an enemy. Suddenly, he noticed that his heart, which he thought had become numb with work, was suddenly whipped and hurting like hell. Was he so scary in her eyes? He could not understand what kind of presence he had in her mind.

Noticing that his eyes had become dim, Su Qianci was touched and surprised. However, before she figured anything out, he had sat back. At the same time, he buckled his seatbelt and started the car silently. They went to the old house and did not say a thing on the way. Since no one spoke first, it was so quiet that it was awkward. When they arrived at the old house, it was about 6 in the evening, dinner time.

Liu Sao was putting the dishes on the table when she saw Li Sicheng walking in and felt surprised. She exclaimed, “Captain Li, Sicheng’s back.”

Walking out with his cane, Captain Li was ready to scold Li Sicheng upon seeing him. However, when he saw Su Qianci behind his back, his fury immediately went away. The captain snorted and walked toward the couple.

Putting her hands on Captain Li’s arm, Su Qianci asked, “Grandpa, you wanted to see me?”

“Both of you, actually,” Captain Li said in an upset tone. “Dinner first.”

Qin Shuhua walked out and gazed at the couple intentionally. It was rare that Li Xiao was at home as well. Seeing his son and daughter-in-law, he felt quite cheerful. Giving his wife a little push, he said, “Let’s begin to eat.”

The family sat down at the table, and Captain Li naturally sat at the main seat. Taking a bowl of rice from Liu Sao, he gazed at Li Sicheng and asked, “Where did you say you want to hold the wedding?”

Wedding Such a distant word. Hearing the question, Su Qianci paused and looked at Li Sicheng. Expressionless, he glanced at her before he said slowly, “I forget.”

She felt like her heart was stabbed.

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