The 99th Divorce Chapter 342

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Li Sicheng caught the apple and put it back without a word. Su Qianci was sitting on the side, silent as well. When Qin Shuhua and Li Xiao came back from the neighbor’s, that was what they saw.

Li Xiao’s face darkened as he blamed Li Sicheng, “Sicheng, don’t make your grandpa mad.”

Li Sicheng curled his lips, glanced at Su Qianci, and made a revealing remark, “No one wants to see me, so there’s no point for me to stay here.”

As he said that, everyone understood what was going on. Immediately, all the eyes fell on Su Qianci. She was wrapped in looks of blame, contempt, love, and ambiguity. Feeling nervous, she said, “I don’t”

Captain Li glared at Li Sicheng and threw another apple at him, roaring, “What do you have to say for yourself?”

Hit in the belly by the apple, Li Sicheng was rendered speechless. Picking up the apple and putting it back, Li Sicheng stood up and said, “I’ll go have a shower.”

Seeing that, Qin Shuhua looked at Su Qianci with a half smile. Su Qianci looked back at her fearlessly.

“I am impressed that you could torture my son like this,” Qin Shuhua said ambiguously and left the room. “Li Xiao, I have something to tell you.”

Li Xiao nodded and glanced at Su Qianci. “Try not to bother the senior generation with your private matters. You are an adult and should behave like one. Sicheng is good to you.”

Li Xiao did not feel much about Su Qianci. Although she was pretty, she was not from a prominent family and did not have an attractive character. Because she was handpicked by Captain Li, he did not argue. He did not expect, however, she would have such an impact on his son.

Although Li Sicheng did not say it, he clearly cared about his wife a lot. At least he had not seen Li Sicheng treating anyone like this before. The entire Li family were quite stubborn.

Su Qianci bowed her head, nodded, and said with compliance. “I know, father.”

Li Xiao did not say anything more and followed Qin Shuhua into the study.

“Don’t listen to him. If this boy dares to bully you, tell me. And grandpa will have your back.” Captain Li disagreed and tapped his chest. “Grandpa is always your safe haven.”

Su Qianci’s nose twitched and her eyes became wet. Nodding, Su Qianci snuffed and asked, “Grandpa Why are you so nice to me?”

“Of course. Should I be nice to Li Sicheng instead? That boy is quite a brat. And I’m counting on you to give me a great-grandchild.”

In addition, Li Sicheng should be grateful that he had a wife. With his temper, barely anyone could put up with him. He happened to meet someone that both he and grandpa liked, so of course grandpa had to make her stay. Grandpa did not say what he was thinking. Looking at Su Qianci being moved, he was quite content. He was lucky that his grandson’s wife was this girl who was easy to please. If it were that Tang girl

Thinking of Tang Mengying, Captain Li couldn’t help feeling upset. As his smile gradually disappeared, he quickly changed the subject, holding Su Qianci’s hand. After chatting for a while, he felt tired and asked her to go to bed.

Standing in the doorway, she felt so awkward on the thought that she was to spend some time alone with Li Sicheng. She did not know how to face him After a long while, she opened the door and walked in.

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