The 99th Divorce Chapter 348

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His sudden move made Su Qianci swallow her words. He sucked on her lips, feeling her passionate body swaying. After they did it once, she felt much better. When her body was back to normal, she felt so tired that she did not even want to lift her finger. Her eyes groggy, she struggled when he tried to tease her again.

Li Sicheng said quietly, “You want to cast me aside now? It’s not that easy.”


She was pounded so hard that she felt her body was about to collapse. All her complaints were rendered in vain. When the motion quieted down on the king-sized bed, it was dawn. When the two woke up, it was very bright outside. Su Qianci opened her eyes and saw the close-up of Li Sicheng’s chest. His bronze skin was very smooth. She put a finger against it. His body immediately became tense and a big hand caught hers. She blinked and looked up at him. She immediately saw his cold and groggy eyes with a warning sign in them.

Her scalp prickling, she shrank back but found her foot was trapped underneath his leg, tingling. He moved his leg away, and she quickly took her foot back, rolled over, and wanted to run away. However, before she got anywhere, he pulled her back.

Her heart raced. She cringed and said, “I, I’ll go to wash”

Li Sicheng pursed his lips, gazed at her, and let out a sigh. Seeing that, Su Qianci hid herself under the comforter and blinked. He rarely showed his helpless side. In her eyes, he was almost capable of anything. Did it mean that there were things that even he could not take care of?

He glanced over and said in disappointment, “You defiled me.”

Hearing that, she blushed and rebutted, “It was you who”

It was him who bugged her for more and more and more. How did he become the victim?

Before she finished her sentence, Li Sicheng cut in matter-of-factly, “What did I do? Last night, you were the one who seduced me.”

Her face was flushed with anger. She frowned and kicked him. “You are so shameless!”

Kicked by her, Li Sicheng said calmly still, “You forget that last night you harassed me sexually, Mrs. Li.”

Su Qianci was rendered speechless and gave him a stare with a blush.

“I helped you only because you begged me.”

Feeling awkward, she kicked him again. “Zip it!”

He grabbed her ankle under the comforter and asked slowly, “You also agreed to grant a wish of mine. You still remember that?”

“No!” She bristled. “I have forgotten.”

He complained, “You try to deny everything after pulling your pants back on? I had no idea you were like this.”

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