The 99th Divorce Chapter 349

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Su Qianci paused and rebutted, “I was not wearing pants anyways.”

Li Sicheng nodded understandingly. “That’s true. You wore a nightgown for my convenience”

She was mortified. Looking away bashfully, she wrapped the comforter around her body, trying to pick up her nightgown from the floor. He pulled her back, leaned over, and whispered into her ear, “Have you really forgotten what happened last night?”

Of course she remembered. Every single detail. However, she would never admit to that. She blushed and tried to wiggle free. “Let go of me.”

He leaned closer over her, clasping her in his arms and whispered, “No, I won’t.” He then put his hand on her breast and gave it a squeeze.

She struggled and bristled, “Are you done yet?”

“If I say no, could I continue?” He had the audacity to lean closer for a kiss.

She turned her head away and his kiss fell behind her ear. He then sucked on her earlobe. She shuddered, ready to surrender.

Li Sicheng moved his wet lips around and trapped her between his legs. He purred into her ear, “Look, you want me so bad.”

“Go away” Su Qianci said. “Mr. Li, I have never discovered that your skin is so thick.”

“Mrs. Li, your discovery is not too late.”

Mr. Li, Mrs. Li

As they flirted, how they addressed each other had become sensual instead of distant. When he called her Mrs. Li, her heart raced even more than when she heard sweetheart. However, this man didn’t belong to her.

Feeling sour, Su Qianci looked away and said in a husky voice, “Are you also so shameless in Tang Mengying’s bed?

“Tang Mengying’s Bed?” Li Sicheng was dazed by those words. Why did the phrase sound so weird? Her eyes became wet. She elbowed him and tried to move out of the bed. He secured her in place and moved close to her, asking, “You think I have slept with Tang Mengying?”

She felt she had heard a joke and turned around. He clearly saw the endless mockery and contempt in her dark eyes. Narrowing his eyes dangerously, Li Sicheng looked displeased. He tightened his grip around her body, laid her on her back, looked down at her, and asked, “What is that supposed mean?”

“You know very well what I mean, don’t you, Mr. Li?” Su Qianci’s heart thumped as she saw his chest marked with scratches and hickies left by her. But that would be their only night. Looking away, she did not want to see his face. Her voice caught in her throat, she struggled again and said in a deliberately indifferent tone, “Get up.”

“Explain. You still think Tang Mengying’s baby is mine?”

“I don’t need to think.” Su Qianci gazed at him with a half smile. “It actually is, isn’t it?”

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