The 99th Divorce Chapter 35

The moment Su Qianci opened the door, the noise outside disappeared. Hearing the person had become silent, Su Qianci was even more certain that it was an intruder. However, she could not go out at this point. If this intruder was a woman, that was fine. However, what if it was a man?

Closing the door, Su Qianci locked the door and leaned her back against it. One second, two second Several minutes had passed, and Su Qianci felt a bit cold. She never wore shoes in the shower. As the water became cold, she was freezing. However, since the intruder knew that she had already noticed him, he should have been gone?

Carefully opening the door, Su Qianci saw a strong chest immediately. Not expecting someone to appear in front of her face, Su Qianci let out a cry and stepped back. However, she slipped and fell back immediately. When Su Qianci thought she was about to be injured, a strong arm pulled her back. Su Qianci then fell forward instead, screaming. In the chaos, she was trying to grab anything she could. Losing her balance, her face was buried in something warm.

The moment her skin touched it, it suddenly became even warmer. Not realizing what it was in front of her, Su Qianci felt relieved for not falling. However, as she let out a sigh of relief, the thing in front of her became harder.

"So horny?"

A low voice sounded above her head, with obvious anger and arousal. Su Qianci froze, looked up, and suddenly saw the dark pupils. However, there were flames in those eyes this time, as if they could burn her alive.

Su Qianci then realized that her hands were holding his narrow waist, holding his bottom between her arms. From his angle, he could clearly see her lips parted with surprise and her skinny shoulders. The warm lighting in the bathroom added an aura to her body. As she looked up, her upper body shook a little

He suddenly felt an unbearable heat rising from his crotch. His mouth dry, he was reminded of the fantastic feeling of the other night by the blue and purple marks on her body.


This woman was seducing him again! His member incredibly stiff, Li Sicheng looked down with his burning eyesight. Shocked by the desire in his look, Su Qianci stepped back immediately, blushing.

"I" I did not mean to do that! Su Qianci wanted to explain, but saw his gaze moving down

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