The 99th Divorce Chapter 355

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“Ahem.” Cheng You realized that he had probably said too much. If her boss found out that she betrayed him, he would definitely exploit her. “Well, Mrs. Li, please don’t tell him that I said that. Consider it a secret between us.”

Su Qianci smiled. “Okay, bye.”


Su Qianci hung up and let out a sigh of relief. In her last lifetime, Cheng You had been calling her ma’am. After their divorce, she called her Ms. Su. “Mrs. Li” did not sound so bad. She drove to an exit of the highway. She happened to be close to Li Sicheng’s company. She drove there according to her memory and saw the uniquely shaped building in less than two minutes. The building of the Li group was a landmark in Kingstown.

She parked the car and went to the front desk. The receptionist immediately recognized her and called, “Ma’am.” Although it was the first time that Su Qianci had come to Li Sicheng’s company, almost the entire Kingstown knew her name and face.

She smiled and said, “I’m here for Li Sicheng.”

“The president is in the conference room on the top floor. You could take the VIP escalator here.”

“Thank you.”

She went to the top floor and the surroundings was very familiar. She had been here a lot of times in her last lifetime. As she walked inside, the secretaries were a bit surprised to see her. But they all recognized her, brought her to Li Sicheng’s office, and served her the best coffee.

“Mr. Li is in a conference. Should I go tell him you are here?” A secretary asked.

“That’s okay. I can wait for him here. You don’t have to stay. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. I will leave you then.”


The secretary looked at her and was so excited that her face was flushed. Before the door was closed, the secretary exclaimed, “She’s really that pretty”

Su Qianci smiled and took a sip of the coffee. She felt oddly nervous. Would he feel surprised when he saw her? What was she going to say? Long time no see? Hello? Everything felt weird

Su Qianci’s heart raced. She regretted that she had taken Cheng You’s a device and come to see him. Would he think that she was trying to win him back by coming over here? But she was really just here for grandpa. And it was only because her call did not go through. If he had the wrong idea, it would be very awkward, right? Was it too late to leave?

Hesitating, Su Qianci still stood up and walked toward the door of the office. The moment she walked near the door, it was suddenly opened. Caught off guard, Su Qianci was hit by the doorknob.

“Ouch!” She let out a cry and crouched down holding where she was hurt.

Li Sicheng looked confused. Looking at the girl crying in pain on the floor, he thought he must be delusional. When Su Qianci looked up at him, his heart was pounded. It was really her

Noticing Li Sicheng looking at her coldly, Su Qianci blushed and put her hands on her lower belly, not daring to stand up. It hurt so much. She was hit right on the pubic bone. She was mortified.

Seeing that she was in pain, Li Sicheng resisted the urge to examine her injury and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Su Qianci bowed her head and murmured, “My balls hurt”

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