The 99th Divorce Chapter 357

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Before the elevator doors closed, Su Qianci heard someone say, “They are so great together” Then the elevator doors closed, blocking all the noises.

Su Qianci felt a bit strange. So, in their eyes, Li Sicheng and her were happy together. But why didn’t she feel that? Instead, her heart was filled with sadness.

“Where did you park?”

The sudden question left her a bit dumbstruck before she answered, “At the gate.”

Li Sicheng heard that and pressed the lobby. Quiet. It was incredibly quiet in the elevator. All she could hear was the machinery.


They reached the first floor. She followed him out, and everyone looked in her direction. Under the people’s gaze, she felt a bit nervous, bowing her head behind him.

Suddenly, Li Sicheng stopped. Su Qianci immediately bumped into him.


Covering her nose, she felt so sore that she immediately teared up. Looking up, her eyes were filled with complaint. He glanced at her calmly and took an umbrella on the rack. It was a big umbrella. When she got here, the rain was no longer heavy. Since she parked right at the gate, she jogged inside without taking an umbrella. However, the rain was now pouring again, flooding the streets. Everyone was walking fast. When she was about to grab another umbrella, he took her hand and pulled her away.

“Hey, wait a second.” Su Qianci was almost lifted up by him. Wearing heels, she almost lost her balance. Li Sicheng did not listen to her and yanked her forward. He opened the umbrella and put an arm around her neck, walking to her car.

Su Qianci was dumbstruck. How did he know which car was hers? He had never seen it before. They had not seen each other in so long

“Open the door.” He glanced at her. “It’s raining heavily and cold here.”

She quickly unlocked the car. Li Sicheng opened the door on the driver’s side but did not go inside, glancing at her. She immediately understood and got in. He shut the door and sat on the copilot seat. As soon as possible he sat down, frowned, and grunted, “How is this so tight?”

“Of course, it could not be compared with yours,” Su Qianci murmured and started the car.

“We’ll get you a bigger one later.”

“I like a small one.” The rain was too heavy for her to see clearly, so she turned the headlights on.

“A small one is no good,” Li Sicheng said with contempt.

“The important thing is I like it. It’s none of your business.”

“I thought you were used to my bigger one.”

When Su Qianci was about to retort, she suddenly thought of something. With a blushed, she gave him a stare and cried, “Li Sicheng, you creep!”

Li Sicheng arched an eyebrow and looked at her puzzled. “I’m talking about the car. What are you thinking?”

She paused and blushed even more. Seeing the tease in his eyes, she hit the steering wheel and turned her head back.

Slowly buckling his seatbelt, he asked, “Don’t you think the bigger, the better?”

Su Qianci’s hands twitched as she growled, “Could you please shut up?”

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