The 99th Divorce Chapter 360

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How sly! She should have foreseen it. Judging by the worst character, even if he really liked Tang Mengying, he would never compromise under their threat. Mrs. Tang did not give it to much thought, but then found Tang Mengying had not been home in two months. The call never went through. Although the text messages had been returned, Tang Mengying had never sent a voice message.

After Tang Mengying told her parents about Li Sicheng giving her a house, they had not heard her voice again. Mrs. Tang then suddenly understood: this boy was turning their trick against themselves. She panicked and quickly came to the Li household.

Seeing how indifferent Li Sicheng was, Mrs. Tang shivered in fury and cursed, “Stop f**king pretending! Where did you take her?” Her voice was shrill as she screeched, “You better give my daughter back. Otherwise, I will sue you.”

“Sue me?” Li Sicheng crossed his fingers and remained calm, sitting on the sofa. “For what? And where is your evidence?”

Mrs. Tang paused for a second before she exclaimed, “What evidence will I need? My daughter was taken away by you. It’s been a long time since she last contacted us. She must have been imprisoned by you. I’m telling you, this is unlawful detention!”

“Mrs. Tang, you need evidence to prove your words. If you do not have any, we could sue you for libel.” Li Beixing walked out, followed by the Li Xiao couple.

Seeing Qin Shuhua, Mrs. Tang’s eyes became wet as she cried, “My poor daughter. She was impregnated by this man and now detained by him. At this festival, she could not even see her mother. Your whole family will rot in hell.”

Li Xiao’s brother, Li Sheng and his family were in the backyard. There was some distance between the living room and the backyard, but since Mrs. Tang was too loud, Li Weiya heard the noise and ran over.

Hearing the noise, Captain Li also came out. Hitting the floor with his cane, he bristled, “Why are you here? I said that the Tang family are not welcome at the Li household.”

Mrs. Tang cried even more hysterically and shouted, “your whole family are a**holes. My daughter is bearing a baby of your family, and you ungrateful snakes watched this son of a bitch keeping my daughter away. Where is the justice?”

She was so loud that Li Beixing twitched his lips. Yanking her up, he said, “Mrs. Tang, don’t be so annoying on a holiday. What do we have to do with your missing daughter?”

“F**k you. My daughter must be imprisoned by your brother. You could ask him if you don’t believe me.” She wriggled free and bumped into Li Beixing.

Li Beixing spread his hands helplessly, looking to his brother. Li Sicheng did not change his expression and said in a calm tone, “I did not. Please go back, Mrs. Tang.”

If she did not know any better, Mrs. Tang would be fooled by his look. However, she had always known that this guy was sly and wicked. “I don’t believe you!”

“You could go to the police 24 hours after someone’s missing. Do you need any help?” Said a young female voice. She looked slim and tall. Sue Qianci walked close to Li Sicheng and looked at Mrs. Tang with sympathy. “You blame my man for everything. Do you really think the Li family are pushovers?”

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