The 99th Divorce Chapter 361

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My man…

The two words made waves in Li Sicheng’s heart which had been calm for a long while. His look finally changed. Turning around, he saw Su Qianci’s beautiful profile. She was smiling, with mockery in her eyes, just like that day when they were in bed

His eyes became deeper. He reached out and held her soft hand which was a bit cold. She glanced at him and then back at Mrs. Tang. “Tang Mengying is an adult. She has her own life and thoughts. Even under your watch, she managed to get away. How could you accuse my husband for keeping her away from you?”

Her man, her husband. That sounded great! Li Sicheng tightened his grip on her hand. His eyes lit up.

“You little b***h, you are wicked as well. If it were not for you, my Tang Mengying would not have suffered so much,” cursed Mrs. Tang.

“You are now trespassing. If you don’t leave immediately, I will call the police.” Su Qianci took up the phone and showed it to Mrs. Tang.

“I dare you!”

Li Sicheng’s eyes became cold as she dialed the three digits.

“Hello, this is ** District, No. 88, the Li household. My family name is Su. There is someone”

“Enough!” Exclaimed Mrs. Tang. “You really called the police? Wait for it!”

“Now you heard her. Not only did she trespass, but she was also spreading rumors about me and my husband, trying to blackmail us.”

Shivering in anger, Mrs. Tang wanted to take the phone from Su Qianci. However, Li Beixing was right next to them and would not let her do that.

He quickly kept Mrs. Tang under control and pulled her to the door. “I’m sorry, Mrs. Tang. My family are going to celebrate the festival. You could ask the police to look for your daughter yourself.”

Struggling and shouting, Mrs. Tang could not wriggle free. After getting rid of her, Li Beixing closed the door and locked it. “It surprises me sometimes how people behave.” Li Beixing said as he came back, but suddenly found the atmosphere was a bit weird.

Li Sicheng was holding Su Qianci’s hand, but she did not look too pleased.

Walking closer, Li Beixing teased, “I had no idea, sister-in-law. That was a fierce move. You just called the police like that. Will any policeman show up later?”

“No,” Su Qianci said with a reluctant smile. She wanted to get rid of Li Sicheng’s hand, but he would not budge. “Let’s eat now.”

“I have something to say to you.”

“Let’s wait until after dinner.”

“I cannot wait.” Li Sicheng stood up and yanked Su Qianci to her feet, hauling her toward their bedroom. She let out a yelp and stumbled to follow him. Sensing the ambiguous gaze from the family members, she felt anxious and winced. Li Sicheng pulled her into the bedroom and locked the door.

“What do you mmm” Before she finished her sentence, her lips were blocked. She stared, her eyes wide, and struggled unconsciously.

Li Sicheng pulled her hands down and deepened his kiss. She could sense his joy and excitement. She gradually stopped struggling as she heard his breath quicken. Their lips locked, he pushed her against the wall. Their fingers interlaced, he plunged his tongue into her mouth


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