The 99th Divorce Chapter 364

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Glad, happy, surprised, and ambiguous looks were cast at them. The “deer” couldn’t help blushing and giving him a stare.

“What a naughty deer!” Li Beixing teased. “Take your deer and come here for dinner, brother.”

Li Sheng’s little son, Li Weiya’s five year old brother, heard that and looked around. He asked, “Where is the deer? I want to see it.”

Everyone was amused. Li Sicheng walked up to him and rubbed his head, saying seriously, “It is mine. Don’t even think about it.”

The little guy pursed his lips and complained, “You’re a cheapskate, cousin! I just wanted to have a look and will not eat it. Suit yourself. I don’t even want to see it!”

Everyone burst into laughter. Su Qianci blushed, looked away, and decided to go to the kitchen and help Lucy with the dishes.

The winter solstice dinner was full of joy. She had never had a festival like this– with family, a lover, and warmth. After dinner, grandpa suggested that the couple spend the night at the old house. Li Sicheng agreed, and Su Qianci learned of the decision after she helped Lucy with everything. Although she had seen it coming, she still felt a bit bashful since the two of them had not been together in more than a month. Her cheeks flamed up. She went with grandpa for a walk, and when she came back, Li Sheng’s family had gone.

When Su Qianci was back in the bedroom, she found Li Sicheng was in the middle of a videoconference. Seeing her walking in, he only glanced at her before he continued to work. She searched the closet and found her pajamas. Then she went to the bathroom to change. When she came out, he was still busy, so she took her tablet out of her purse, laid on her stomach, plugged in headphones, and started to see a movie.

It was a popular romantic movie played by Deng Chao. Seeing the guy wishing the girl the best despite his broken heart, she felt heart-wrenched. The girl went on the train, and the guy couldn’t help running along and crying, “How can I live without you” Su Qianci was moved, sobbing in a low voice.

Suddenly, Li Sicheng threw himself at her and put her tablet to sleep. “You even cry when you see a movie?”

She reached out to get back her tablet. “Give it back. I haven’t finished yet.”

He unplugged her headphones and put the tablet on the nightstand. “Is the actor more handsome than I am?”

She failed to snatch the tablet, and so she simply gave up. Snuffing, she said, “You’re different.”

“Different how?”

“You’re not in a drama.”

He smiled and got off her back. He laid down on his stomach like her. “Mrs. Li.”

“Yes?” Su Qianci looked at him, her eyes still a bit red.

“Do you take pills every time you do it with Mr. Li?”

Su Qianci was dazed. With a blush, she shook her head. “No.” Then, she suddenly understood what he was asking. He never used protection


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