The 99th Divorce Chapter 365

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Su Qianci unconsciously felt her belly and sat straight. Blinking, she said, “Did we do it during safe period every time?”

Li Sicheng pondered and then counted his fingers.

She blushed and prodded him. “What are you calculating? Can you remember the dates?”

“Yes.” He frowned. “It’s not like we did it very often.” Then he let out a sigh. “We have been married for such a long time and we have had sex once, twice five times in total.” When he figured it out, he felt utterly sullen. He looked up at her with his deep eyes like a hungry wolf.

She felt a bit frightened and shrank back. He was faster and pinned her to the bed. The soft bed swayed as they moved passionately. Her lips were then sealed. His moves were gentle, so gentle that she felt on top of the world. Every time he kissed her, she had a beautiful illusion that he was not with her because of sex, but love. The kiss was deepened.

Su Qianci’s breath quickened. When he was about to go further, she stopped him, “Mr. Li”

“Yes?” Li Sicheng liked how she addressed him that way more and more. He used to think it showed distance, but now, it sounded sweet to him. Mr. Li, Mrs. Li. When they called each other, it was a punch in the face for the single people around them. Li Sicheng curled his lips but did not stop.

Panting, she held his hands down and said, “not today.”

Li Sicheng looked up and said in an upset tone, “Mrs. Li, you’re cutting short what I deserve.”

“I just had my period” she said in a small voice.


“I just realized”

He was about to lose his mind. He gritted his teeth and bit her on the fingers as a punishment.

She shrank back. There were apology and tease in her eyes.

“You little villain!” He pulled her up and let her down on the pillow. Putting an arm around her waist, he said, “Now be a good girl and go to sleep.”

Seeing how frustrated he was, Su Qianci was in a great mood and chuckled.

“You are not allowed to laugh.”

She laughed even louder and buried her face in his chest. Curling her lips, she found a comfortable spot and closed her eyes.

Although the Tang family failed to find Tang Mengying and the Li household, they did not want to let go of it. Li Sicheng had anticipated this, so when he saw the group of reporters at his company, he remained calm.

Seeing Li Sicheng’s car, the reporters rushed to it. The guards at the building did their job and kept the reporters away from the car. The door of the black Maybach was opened, and a tall figure walked out. He was wearing a black cashmere peacoat and a dark checkered suit, looking cold and elegant. Facing the endless questions, he glanced at the reporters and then put his hand next to the car roof, so that the person coming out would not hit her head.

Although he looked cold, his move was very gentle, which made the reporters scream. “Someone else’s there. Who is it?”


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